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Plantronics MS200 Pro Headset

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List Price: $177.00
Marv's Price: $ 139.95
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Plantronics MS200 Pro Headset
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Plantronics MS200 Pro Headset

Product Description

The Plantronics MS200 commercial aviation headset combines a unique lightweight design and advanced technology to deliver the ultimate in comfort and reliability.

Its compact under-the-ear design ensures a secure, comfortable fit for extended wear, yet is convenient to carry and stow. The noise-canceling microphone enables clear, uninterrupted communications between air and ground.


  • 5-foot cord with 2 Standard Aviation Plugs: PJ055 & PJ068.
  • Clear voice transmission with noise-canceling microphone
  • Hear every word through superior audio quality
  • Lightweight and comfortable for extended wear
  • Can be used on Left or Right side!
  • Black padded carrying case included
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • FAA approved. TSO C57a and C58a

Other Information

Part # 92382-01
Model # MS200
UPC 017229123458
Manufacturer Plantronics
Termination Type General Aviation: Standard Two Plugs
Hearing Protection In-Ear
Aircraft Type Pro/Commercial
TSO Approved? Yes
Warranty 1 Year
Size Adult

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Showing Reviews 1 - 10

Satisfied customer
  • Headset delivery was very prompt and in good condition. Cost is reasonable.

    This is my third Plantronics set and although they are flimsy and easy to come apart, my last headset was held together with elastic band, they are light in weight and comfortable to use in either seat on the flight deck.

    It comes in a small and handy pouch. I would buy in again
Lima, Peru
Occupation / Rating:
A320 Airline Pilot from Perú
Great headphone
  • I received the product in very good condition, it works perfect in the aircraft that I fly (A320). Good sound quality, good mic quality. The only thing that I see needs to improve is the ear piece.
  • Pros: Good side, very good sound quality +AAA, the cables very good quality.
  • Cons: The ear piece shape, I think they can improve that.
Occupation / Rating:
B737 NG pilot
Not a good fit
  • I bought this to replace a 30 year old Plantronics Starset which served me well but I could not get it repaired. I had difficulty getting the speaker to remain next to the ear canal which made it difficult to hear radio traffic. Also the mike picked a lot of ambient cockpit noise. Returned to Marv Golden per guarantee.
  • Pros: Lightweight, No Headband, TSO, Cost
  • Cons: Difficult to keep near or in ear canal, Ambient mike noise
Occupation / Rating:
Airline Pilot, ATP
MS200 Pro
  • Unfortunately this headset did not work well for me. I found the ear insert to be very uncomfortable and the boom mike was too short, whereby intercom communication especially was poor.
  • Pros: Lightweight and sleek
  • Cons: Not suitable for intercom, short boom mike.
Occupation / Rating:
767 pilot
6 Star delivery: 4 star product
  • Very good value. Works well, clear sound and communications. Not in love with the under ear attachment as it has a tendency to move quite a bit.

    Super efficient delivery. Less than 20 hours order to delivery. West coast to East coast.
  • Pros: Value, clarity, delivery speed.
  • Cons: Not rock steady on the ear
Occupation / Rating:
First officer a330
Slim and portable
  • An excellent headset option at an afordable price. at the begining you think people will not hear you because the boom is quite separated but its top notch.
  • Pros: light weight, portable, price, microfone and speaker quality, compact
  • Cons: microfone boom too stiff
Occupation / Rating:
B787/B777 First Officer
Good product but can be better
  • I have had this headset for 3 years. It is very light weight and comfortable. Recently the headset cord insulation started to peel off.
    The features i think could be better are:
    The wiring could be more robust.
    The earpiece could be made to better fit in ear.
    (I had to put the wire around my neck to keep the earpiece in place.
  • Pros: Light weight, Great boom mic.
  • Cons: Cable integrity, Earpiece doesnt fit well.
Occupation / Rating:
Product perfectly as described
  • Thx for good product as described and super fast delivery.
  • Pros: Fast delivery, product as described
  • Cons: -
Southern California
Occupation / Rating:
Private Pilot Single Engine Land and Gliders
Great for Gliders
  • Most of the glider pilots are using hand held radios with the speaker mics. Since they dont make one that fits my old Icom A-23 Hand Held my only option was the headset. This is perfect for the glider. The sound is superb both transmit and receive. Also I found it to fit like a glove when I just moved it around a little on my ear and it came to a perfect place with the boom mic lined up with the corner of my mouth. I think they adjusted the mic gain perfectly for this set up.
  • Pros: Great Price, Fast Shipping, Perfect fit, high quality
  • Mic and receiver volume is very clear. However I find it quite uncomfortable after wearing it for a while. I think it all depends on individual fit.

Showing Reviews 11 - 20

Occupation / Rating:
B787 Captain
Plantronics headset
  • Nice headset, probably the lightest on the market and at an affordable price.
    The only negative point is the earplug, not perfectly fitting in the ear causing the headset to be a little bit loose.
    There is no noise protection at all but I fly the 787 that has the quitest cockpit in the air.
    Good job from Mav Golden, despite being in the Xmas period, the headset was delivered to italy in a blink of an Eye.
  • Pros: Light weightSmall size
  • Cons: Ear plug could be better shaped
North America
Occupation / Rating:
Cpt B737NG
MS200 Headset comfortableness
  • Light weight, sleek design, smal purse fitting every flight bag, short-stick but sensitive enough mike with unobstructive access make this headset very attractive.
    However depending on your individual ear anatomy, a/c audio configuration and company SOP, it might not be quite suitable. I found the earpiece doesn’t fit comfortably enough in my ears creating no much soundproofing against ambient noise and it was sitting a bit loose causing me often reach, turn and puch dipper. It’d be better probably if earpiece was bendable or with screw-in earbud. All my ACP volume settings were an nearly max and was hard to monitor different sources ( ATC, FLT INT, SERV INT, PA ). The earpiece doesn’t turn equally both sides: springloaded in one and free turn in the other.
    Unfortunately wouldn’t work for me and is being returned.
  • Pros: Light weight
  • Cons: Looks fragile, earpiece doesn’t sit right in the ear.
East Asia
Occupation / Rating:
Great buy
  • I was using the ms250 on the 737 which is an awesome headset, light and durable. Then i looked for a band free type just out of curiosity. Two weeks in, had some getting used to, but very satisfied so far. Plus Marv gave me the best deal online, fast accurate shipping. Just need to wear it slightly above your ear bud, not exactly the recommended wear instructions but works great for me. Gotta get used to the dangling feel, but it does not fall off, just hangs weightlessly!
  • Pros: Extremely light, no head jamming
  • Cons: Bendable Mic would be nice, still works fine, looks fragile
Occupation / Rating:
B767 Captain for major airline
Great Headset
  • Had the headset for 8 years now, flying on the B767. Very comfortable - forget it's there even on longer flights. Communication is no problem. However, the earpiece finally broke; for the price and the durability of the headset, no complaints. After writing the review, will be ordering another one - can't make it to the store this time though.
  • Pros: Lightweight, great fit, comfortable
  • Cons: None
Great headset
  • I rally like this headset, I use it with b737 and it perfectly work. I really love this.
  • I am an A-320 Cap. and I had always used telex airman 750. My last pair got lost. So I need it to buy a new pair. Because of the price I bought the plantronics in recommendation from the store manager. Had never heard of the brand. Since the first day of use I was very pleased. Can wear them during the hole flight without even noticing them. Could not do that with the telex. Extreme light weight. Great sound. Don't need to have the boom close to the mouth to speak the work great. After 8 years of use and careful care thought. I am on a need of a second pair. The telex lasted longer. Actually if I had not lost them I would probably still have them. Wish the could make them wireless.
  • Pros: Low price. Light weight. Good quality
  • Cons: Did not lasted long or as expected. The cable broke. And the ear holder.
South America
Occupation / Rating:
A330-200F Captain
Plantronics MS 200 Review
  • I bought this headset to reduce space on my pilot bag and because I wanted to carry less weight around. They take a little getting use to, specially if you have used over the head headphones. Good product and great price.
  • Pros: Light, in-expensive.
  • Cons: not too snug, might not work on small ears.
Can't beat it for $
  • Use it on the MD80. Takes a little while to get used to the swivel ear bud. It's nice to be able to wear the O2 mask without taking off the headset. No complaints from ATC on audio quality. Mic is far enough away from mouth to allow consumption of those delicious crew meals without it getting in the way.
  • I like the weight and ear fit however it is impossible to keep the mic close and in the right position.
Very good audio, but personally poor ergonomics.
  • Having been a StarSet user for many years in B737CLs and received 5* customer service from Plantronics on many an occasion, the MS200 was a much anticipated upgrade for an over (under) ear headset - I really hate headbands of any kind and am acutely aware of pressure points after an hour or so. The StarSet is a bit ancient, though totally functional (I came to it due to my ATCO buddies), so the MS200 looked great and the total weight was fantastic.

    Good points: the audio in and out is excellent (considering there is no DSP or other electronics going on here). Compared to the StarSet it's clear, comfortable listening with good timbre - even HF on the worst of days was a pleasure. As for the other-side of the radio, clear as a bell - some thought it was through DSP. As mentioned before the headset is VERY light, when it's comfortably fit you can forget it is there. On more than one occasion I've got up to change seats or leave the cockpit and forgot to take it off. Also very quick to don and remove once you're used to it; because of the way I clip my cable it dangles just below my collar so with the mic facing up I could still transmit clearly while on speaker without having to hold it up or don it.

    Not so good points: the fit, the fit and the fit. The design looked cool with the soft retention blade and all, quick donning and easy removal, depending on your outer ear to support the headset's light weight... great in theory. Had a long chat with Plantronics and the design team did it by percentiles. Whereas over-ear and ear-bud/voice tube headsets are designed to fit pretty much all heads and ears, the MS200 is something of a 75% of the population kit. We all have different ear shapes and sizes, evidently I'm in the other 25%; large ear canal, but less of a lobe for the earpiece to rest on. End result is it slides away from my ear canal sufficiently to allow more outside noise (window side) to overwhelm the nice audio. My colleague who bought at the same time has no problem with it, he's bigger than me but has smaller ears so it sits nicely. Got a tip from other colleagues and approached a local hearing aid company who moulded a custom earplug which provided a more stable mating point which helped a lot despite the reduced convenience. Like other reviewers have pointed out clever placement of clips and cable twisting can result in more secure position and I had two favourite ways - otherwise it does have a tendency to dangle a bit. Another issue I had was the rubber blade became uncomfortable behind my ear after several hours needing breaks on speaker - a bit like sunglasses with temples that are too short.

    Other points: Plantronics made a huge improvement on the quality of their cables. The MS200 cable is much thinner, lighter and durable than the cables of the MS30/MS50 era which those who have used them will no doubt know. (Something which Plantronics fortunately acknowledge.) One reviewer mentioned a broken earpiece and in my company there were also 2 or 3 experiencing the same problem on the fleet saying it was too weak.

    I didn't mind my MS200 and switched between it and my MS50 StarSet depending on the flight. The StarSet didn't sound as good, but it was the more comfortable unit and in the end I sold my MS200 to a friend with a more suitable ear shape. Other colleagues would probably rate this 4* or 3*, however it really is a "best to try before you buy" piece of equipment.

Showing Reviews 21 - 26

Audio and transmission quality good. Fit... not so much.
  • I am an MD-88/90 Captain. The headset is comfortable and performs well. Getting it secure so that the microphone would stay in reasonable proximity to my mouth was a challenge and took a lot of trial and error. I read another review that talked about twisting the cord to accomplish this. That didn't work for me. What I ended up with is making a small loop with the cord just underneath the headset (secured by the twist tie that came with the headset) and then looping the remaining cord over the top of my hear (from front to back) and then clipping the cord to the front collar of my shirt with just enough vector/tension to hold the microphone in place as I move my head around. It's a lot of trouble to get the mic to stay in place but it works for me and it's comfortable enough. This whole issue could be avoided if they would redesign this thing with an over the ear design instead of under the ear. Anyway, 5 stars for the performance (audio and transmission) of the headset and 3 stars overall because of the fit issue.
Good Headset
  • I am a pilot at a major airline. I have used this headset for 2 trips and find it to be very lightweight but with good quality. Microphone is excellent. May take a little beating used to the fact it is not quite as secure on your head as some other headsets. Overall I highly recommend.
Lightest in weight & Easiest to use )))!!!
  • I used this product on B737-3/4/500 and now on B747-400 from both right and left seats and can confirm that this amazing headset is the really what most airline pilots need !!!
    I bought more then 15 MS - 200 for my colleagues in Russia and they all are really thankful for that ))) I've been using it for more then four years and completely satisfied with spent money to quality ratio !!!!
    Thanks a lot to those people who produced so great device and to those who sells it with reliable price )))!!!
Good product
  • I fly both L and R seats on a B737NG. I've been using the MS200 for a month and so far I'm very pleased with it. I read the reviews where some people advised on clipping the cord to your shirt for comfort and durability and I found that very useful. The quality of transmission and reception are very good. It takes a little getting used to if you have not used this type of hearing piece in your ear, but after a little while you find it very comfortable. JCM
Can be better improved
  • The ear piece tends to break-off very easily. The material used are too fragile. The flexible support is too soft. Can't really hold the MS200 properly in position. Fixed this 2problems, it will be a almost perfect Lightweight Aviation Ear set.
works great in the A320
  • the sound is great. my voice is clear though the mic doesnt need to be close to my mouth. there's a way to get around if the mic is loose. just clip the clip to your shirt, then twist the headset once/twice in the direction where it will force itself to stick to your face ;)
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