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Telex Airman 850 ANR Headset

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Telex Airman 850 ANR Headset
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Product Description

Lightweight, FAA TSO approved, ANR headset does not need batteries or panel power!

The Telex Airman ANR 850 combines the innovative technology of Active Noise Reduction with the comfort of an extremely lightweight headset (less than 4 oz).

With no batteries to worry about, and "set and forget" volume control, this is the most convenient headset available. The Telex Airman ANR 850 allows the clearest in communications through Active Noise Reduction technology providing up to 12 dB of attenuation between 100 and 2000 Hz.

The earcups and cushions have been enlarged from previous models to enhance comfort. The ANR circuitry targets and reduces wind noise in commercial jets enabling greater comfort for long flights. Ear Cups fold to easily fit into your flight case. No battery pack required. Telex 3 year warranty.

Note: An active intercom or Hot Mic is needed to fully power the ANR on this headset.

Note: These are not designed for General Aviation / Propeller Aircraft. They are designed for the Commercial Aviation / Corporate Jet market.


  • Weight: 4 Ounces
  • Total Noise Reduction: 12dB
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • Stereo: No
  • Mic: Noise Canceling Electret Microphone
  • Microphone Boom: Flexible boom
  • Headset Case
  • Power Source: Microphone Bias (requires boom microphone to be powered continuously)
  • Ear Seals: Leatherette with Plush foam
  • FAA TSO Approval
  • 3-yr warranty

Other Information

Part # 301317-000
Model # Airman 850
UPC 800549416290
Manufacturer Telex
Termination Type General Aviation: Standard Two Plugs
Hearing Protection Active Noise Reduction
Stereo/Mono Mono
Aircraft Type Pro/Commercial
TSO Approved? Yes
Warranty 3 Years
Size Adult

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(Out of 48 Reviews)

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Showing Reviews 1 - 10

Occupation / Rating:
UPS pilot
Very Dissapointed
  • Underwhelmed is the best way to describe the 850 ANR. I hadn't worn Telex products in several decades and the 850's reminded me why. The construction is right out of the 1980's with zero padding on the overhead loop and the noise cancelling abilities are extremely disappointing. Bottom line is they are uncomfortable, don't cancel noise well and are poorly made. Skip the telex and go with a bose or sennheiser.
  • Pros: Very Little
  • Cons: Just about everything
Occupation / Rating:
Flight instructor
  • I ordered headset and necktie.
    Process is very easy and deliver is done quickly.

    Thank you for everything. If there is another favorite things. I will order again.
Telex Airman 850 ANR, poor choice
  • I have used these headsets on two flights now. I have used them on a CRJ. The sound quality is very poor, the volume between the two sides in not even. The right side is loud while the left side is quieter. ATC did not sound clear, but the intercom was slightly better. I found them to not be comfortable to wear on longer flights. I tried to save money with this headset over possibly some Bose headsets. I fill that I made a big mistake buying this headset.
  • Cons: poor sound quality, not comfortable
Occupation / Rating:
Major Airline Pilot
Great ANR. No battery required.
  • I've used these 850's on a couple 4 day 737 trips now with absolutely no complaints. Light on the head with good ANR qualities. And no pesky battery to replace!
  • Pros: Light weight, no battery, good sound quality.
  • Cons: Larger than the Telex 5x5's but the ANR is far superior.
Canton, Ohio
Occupation / Rating:
ATP, Charter Pilot
Telex ANR850
  • This is a comfortable jet headset that does a good job of reducing external wind noise. Lightweight, this headset remains comfortable even after eight hours in the air. Marv Golden had the best price and shipping was very fast.
  • Pros: comfortable, lightweight
  • Cons: ANR could be stronger
Trinidad and Tobago
Occupation / Rating:
Airline Pilot/ B737-800
  • Excellent product. Used Telex 750 previously which lasted about six years on DHC8/B737. First time using the Telex 850 which works perfectly on the B737 . Very comfortable on long flights and the ANR works great even on a DA40(noisy')
  • Pros: Light weight, comfortable ear cushion, Tx/Rx very clear.
  • Cons: Ear cushion tends to seal the ear to a point where I have to break the seal to equalise the ear pressure on the climb out.
Erie, PA
Occupation / Rating:
airline pilot
Great service
  • Great headset its my second telex 850 the first one gave me 9 years of service on my airline job. I also got great customer service as I only paid $8 for fast shipping and received it in two days. Best price I could find great service and really nice to deal with.
  • Pros: good price, great service, great headset
  • Cons: made in Mexico
Occupation / Rating:
Another New Headset
  • Added to my collection of Headsets due to new Airplane. This Headset appears to work fine and is comfortable. MG had the best price also.
  • Pros: Light weight
  • Cons: Cushions might get hot in Summer.
  • it's very simple, light and easy to take~overall good!!!
Occupation / Rating:
AA 737 Capt
Telex 850
  • I am very pleased with my new Telex 850, my only regret is I waited so long to get one. I appreciate the the lightweight, comfortable design and the noise cancellation works well for the B-737, I can hear radio calls and cockpit communication clearly with both ears covered. It is especially good with the newer com panels with the hot mic feature. I highly recommend this headset.
  • Pros: Light weight, comfortable, no batteries
  • Cons: None

Showing Reviews 11 - 20

Works like a Charm
  • Thanks for helping to get my Telex 850 to Singapore in time for my training. I love the headset and it works like a charm! You have a return customer now and I will definitely recommend to my fellow pilots.
Northern Illinois
Occupation / Rating:
Airline Pilot
  • The Telex 850 is comfortable and works well. Marv has the best price I could find.
  • Pros: All good
  • Cons: Non
Occupation / Rating:
Pilot ATP
Telex ANR 850
  • Love this headset. Great fit and comfort. Like the on/off and hi/lo features. No batteries needed.
    Highly recommend!
  • Pros: TSO'dOn/Off featureHi/LO featureNo batteries Size/weight/comfort
  • Light weight with excellent clarity.
Occupation / Rating:
Telex 850
  • Good price. Good product. Easily fits flat into a pilot bag. Not as quiet as I had hoped but a great compromise between an over-ear headset or going deaf from loud Boeing 737 cockpit with out it.
  • Pros: Price. Folds flat for storage.
Occupation / Rating:
Commercial Airline Pilot
Great quality
  • The Telex 850 ANR meet my expectations. Great quality, good transmission and noise cancelation. I was impressed how light they were.
  • Pros: Quality
  • Cons: Case could have been a better material.
Well worth it.
  • I purchased these headset because the company provided headsets don't work that well. The Telex Airman 850 is a huge improvement over those. The sound is very clear, and I love having the noise cancelling feature without having to worry about batteries. This are perfect for what I'm using them for, which is in Airbus 320 series aircraft.
  • Pros: No Batteries. Clear Sound. Very light.
  • Cons: No blue tooth.
Airman 850
  • So far so good. I've used the 850 on 10 trips so far in the Phenom 300 and it has performed as advertised. The ANR is adequate for the cockpit and the XM music doesnt sound to bad either. Good value
Occupation / Rating:
737 Captain
Nice Headset
  • I've been using the 750 for about 12,000+ hours. It was getting worn out and one speaker was making a rattling noise. I decided to try the 850. Wow, what a difference from the 750. Very quiet and very comfortable. I wish I bought it a long time ago. I'm currently on the 737NG and it is great.
  • Pros: Quiet. Comfortable.
  • Cons: Not Telex's fault: the 737 doesn't have a hot intercom, so communication between pilots is sometimes difficult.
Occupation / Rating:
Corporate pilot
Nice headset
  • Quite comfortable and the noise cancelling really works. On low setting, mic is a bit muffled, but is acceptable and volumes are OK. On high, watch out. Cockpit warnings such as RAAS and other callouts might scare the crap out of you. Overall, a winner.
  • Pros: Comfort, simplicity, design.
  • Cons: Microphone clarity somewhat lacking.

Showing Reviews 21 - 30

Occupation / Rating:
767 Pilot
Great Headset
  • I recently purchased this for use on the 757. It's not a terribly loud cockpit, but the Recirc fans on our older airplanes are very loud. Makes understanding the European controllers very easy...especially Scottish Control!
  • Pros: Comfortable, great sound quality, reduces fatigue
Occupation / Rating:
737 Pilot
Telex 850
  • I have used the telex 850 for a few weeks now. Overall, it seems to work pretty well. It is comfortable and the noise reduction works pretty well.
  • Pros: Price, noise reduction, comfort
  • Cons: Transmissions received sometimes seem to have a slightly muffled sound.
Occupation / Rating:
737NG Captain
Investiment in my health
  • I met this headphone via a flight friend and I tried the unit in a flight leg. I loved it, feeling like I was in another and quieter aircraft. I decided then to purchase the headphone as an investment in my hearing health.
A professional operation
  • Your staff was professional, knowledgeble of your product lines overall very easy to work with especially in rush orders.
    Your shop is now at the top of my list for my aviation needs.
Owner for 3 years
  • Works great on DC9, M88, 737, until the feeble ear cup connection breaks off. Second time this has happened; needs a sturdier case!!! It might be fine if you keep them in your own flight bag, but not many of us carry those around any longer.
A decent product with adequate features
  • I bought the Telex 850 headset after using a David Clarke 13.4 for years in a CRJ because I wanted something more compact. The 850 is compact and the hard case protects it when not in use, which is important because the headset is not particularly robust. The ANR helps for a jet where most of the noise is from airflow, but it is obviously not as effective as a full earcup ANR, and is also not as quiet as a full cup non ANR. On the plus side, not having to replace batteries for the ANR is much appreciated. Tone quality of the earphones is not as crisp as my old David Clarke either. The 850 has a somewhat muffled tone at all times, but it is clear enough and you get accustomed to it after a while. Of the two volume settings, the low option is fine as long as I turn the aircraft intercom up to full volume on the audio panel. The high volume setting on the 850 is too loud. The headset is relatively comfortable due to light weight, but not a huge improvement over a full earcup. Instead of feeling pressure around the ear you feel it on the ear, and this can be just as tiresome after several hours. The tiny wires that lead to the earphones are a bit long and can catch on things. It is not an ideal headset, but the price is not extreme and it does the job in a very small package, so basically I am satisfied.
Good, not great.
  • Boeing 737-400, 700, 8/900 pilot. Used Telex 750 for 15 years. The 850 is a light weight headset which really cuts the wind noise well. Used on "low" setting. Good clarity in communication, and no batteries a real plus. Only negative is that every head movement allows ear pieces to move and requires re-seating on ear. Stopped counting as I adjusted more than 30 times on 2 hour flight. Very annoying. I will be returning and will be searching for light weight, over the ear model.
Amazingly Quiet
  • This headset is heads and tails above the Telex 750 in terms of noise reduction and hearing radio calls. I loved the 750 but the noise in the cockpit above 300 kias proved to be too much for my hearing. The 850 provides complete quiet at high airspeed and the radio calls are crystal clear. I only wish the boom mic was a little shorter. If you don't move it out of the way, you have to drink from the side of your mouth.
Less then expected
  • Several reviews were favorable for the 850 in the 737NG. I have been using a Bose QC15 and ufly; I wanted to try the 850 because the reviews were so good. I tried the 850 on a 5 hr flight to HNL and back.... with the QC15/ufly. Below 5000'agl the 737NG has significant airconditioning noise that the 850 cannot handle well at all. Above 5000' it is ok but not anywhere close to the QC15/ufly. I would be willing to put up with it IF the comfort level was equal or better..... It is not. Hot spot on the headband at the 3-4 hour point and the "on-the-ear" muffs start creating pressure as well. Really a shame because it seemed it would be more comfortable but it is not.
Telex airman 850 anr
  • Very good headset!
    Very light and the noise reduction really work.
    I'm flying Boeing 737ng in the last 8 years , it's amazing the way that this headset make me feel good after all day long in a cockpit.

Showing Reviews 31 - 40

Great headset
  • I bought one after I lost my 15 year old telex 750. It's a little bigger but the ear cups are nice and the noise canceling works great on the 767. It's a noticeable improvement over the airflow noise and it is easier to hear controllers especially ones with accents. I have the ear cup off my ear facing the other pilot, wish they would make a single ear cup version.

    Overall money well spent, it can only help your hearing health in the long term.

Very durable
  • This a replacement ANR 850. I had the last one almost ten years and never used the protective cover that came with it. It was always "floating" around in my bag. It was still working perfectly the day I left it on the airplane. This new one has the same quality feel that my last one had. I hope to have it for many years.
Good ANR Headset for the Money
  • I was looking for an ANR headset for the B737NG without spending a huge sum. So far this works perfectly. No batteries required and small enough to fit in my laptop case. The ANR is not dramatic, but very noticeable. The headset fits well on the head, is comfortable and is very light weight. Marv's had the best price I could find and shipped it out to me quickly. I am very happy with this purchase.
Great headset
  • Super good quality headset. Great for someone like me who is in a quiet cockpit (B-717) but has some hearing loss. The ANR being powered from the aircraft is a very nice feature.
Good but doesn't last
  • I was very happy with the headset until the microphone quit working after 4 years. Searched the internet and it seems to be a common problem. Telex want $170 to repair and only warranties for 90 days afterwards. 1/3 the purchase price to get it fixed, I expect better service.

    If their repair policy was more like DC I would give it 5 stars.
Meh... Ok, but not great.
  • Really excited to buy and use this headset. I'm on the Airbus 320 and got tired of the earplug in one ear and the earpiece in the other.

    This headset took care of the earplug with really good noise cancelling, but the controllers voices were hard to understand, the best way to describe it was they sounded like there was too much base in there voice; made it hard to understand them.

    I sent them back. As usual, Marv 's was great and easy to work with. So headset a 3 of 5, Marv Golden 5 of 5.
Great lightweight headset
  • I am using this headset in B737NG aircraft which tend to have noisy cockpits (mostly air conditioning noise). I already own a sennheiser hmec25 but was looking for a lighter, easier to carry headset. The airman 850 seemed to be the perfect choice being extremely light and not having a battery or control box but I was worried about comfort and noise reduction ability.
    First off, the NR is spot on. It takes away most of the bothersome high frequency noise from the AC and wind, but lets in enough so that I can understand the other pilot with the headset on both ears (we usually don't use the intercom). The sennheiser had much better NR but was so good I had to use it one ear to hear the other guy, which was very uncomfortable. The only potential problem is, being on ear, the earcups need to be square on your ears for the NR to work perfectly. This is a very minor issue though as a small adjustment is all it needs from time to time.
    The size is perfect, I can carry it in my flight bag which is quite small along with my other stuff without fearing it will get crushed. The carry case included is also perfect for my needs, not too bulky.
    The comfort is a mixed bag. It is very light and can be very comfortable, but only if it sits exactly right on your head. Due to he positioning issue mentioned earlier, the headband needs to be taking the weight of the set and this can become bothersome after a while. I ordered a set of sennheiser HD25 hifi headphone pads that look like they will fit the headband. I will try to update this review when I do. This also is a rather minor problem as most of the time the set is very comfortable.
    Only other thing I can think of is it has the same telex 750 build quality, so durability may not be up to sennheiser standards (those things last forever). But this remians to be seen.
    Overall, not for everyone, but if portability and no hassle design is a priority, a great headset. Suits my needs perfectly so I give it 5 stars.
very good!
  • It's a very good product!
Great support + support from Marv Golden
  • Ordered the first one via international overnight shipping to Canada. It was a defected with loud feedback noise whenever ANR is on. Notified Marv Golden for return, and a new one came the next day.

    Overall a great headset, light & easy to carry. I also have a Sennheiser HMEC-46, which has a slightly better ANR performance than Airman 850. However it requires 2 AA batteries.
  • Works great in the Airbus using the adapter. Comfortable and clear reception. I really like the low/ high volume switch. Great service from Marv's, too

Showing Reviews 41 - 48

Excellent, value for money, lightweight, comfortable
  • Been using this headset for 8yrs on the 737 NG. Great value for money, lightweight and comfortable. Clear and great job reducing background noise.
Top Headset
  • I am using this headset on a B737-800 for almost 3 years now...I see people having another headsets (mostly much more expensive) struggling with batteries for example during the take-off or landing, I don’t have any problems at all. Good noise cancelation and light to wear, however after aprox. 4-5 hour of flying you may have a bit unconfortable feeling on your ears. Now I would like to try the newest headset – Telex Ascend.
Lightweight and good ANR for the cost!
  • Very lightweight headset that performs well for a great price! I would recommend this product to any of my pilot friends. I needed a headset that was easy to carry around and that was comfortable, and this meets those standards plus has decent ANR. Very pleased with the product and the customer service I received at Marv’s Pilot Shop!
good price
  • very nice price
light and comfort
  • reduce almost engine noise on ATR turbo prop! But I can hear my Capt talk! quite clear!( he not wearing headset?) Is it good or bad for an ANR headset?
Great Headset for Loud Jets!
  • I've been using a Sennheiser for the past 7 years and while it's ANR is amazingly good the headset is large and a little delicate. The internal mic wiring has broken twice now forcing me to revert back to my old Telex 750. I fly the 747-400/-8. It's got a reputation for being very loud with wind noise. My captain on a recent flight had a Telex ANR 850 and I tried it for a few minutes. For a very low profile, lightweight, comfortable headset it cuts out A LOT of the noise. Great headset for the louder cockpits.
  • good
Quality Light Weight ANR Headset
  • I had to get a Telex Airman 850 after using my co-pilots 850 on a 6 hour leg. I had no hotspots whatsoever after completing the leg, something that has never happened to me in my entire flying career. The headset is incredibly light and the ANR blocks out most of the wind and fan noises in the cockpit. One thing I must mention, make sure the aircraft you fly has a hot mic or active intercom before purchasing because the Airman 850 get its power for the ANR from the mic jack; no batteries required.
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