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Telex Airman 850 ANR Headset - Airbus Connector

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Telex Airman 850 ANR Headset - Airbus Connector
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Telex Airman 850 ANR Headset - Airbus Connector

Product Description

Lightweight, FAA TSO approved, ANR headset does not need batteries or panel power!

The Telex Airman ANR 850 combines the innovative technology of Active Noise Reduction with the comfort of an extremely lightweight headset (less than 4 oz).

This Telex ANR 850 is for Airbus Aircraft and terminates in an Airbus XLR connection.

With no batteries to worry about, and "set and forget" volume control, this is the most convenient headset available. The Telex Airman ANR 850 allows the clearest in communications through Active Noise Reduction technology providing up to 12 dB of attenuation between 100 and 2000 Hz.

The earcups and cushions have been enlarged from previous models to enhance comfort. The ANR circuitry targets and reduces wind noise in commercial jets enabling greater comfort for long flights. Ear Cups fold to easily fit into your flight case. No battery pack required. Telex 3 year warranty.

Note: An active intercom or Hot Mic is needed to fully power the ANR on this headset.

Note: These are not designed for General Aviation / Propeller Aircraft. They are designed for the Commercial Aviation / Corporate Jet market.


  • Weight: 4 Ounces
  • Total Noise Reduction: 12dB
  • Volume Control: Yes
  • Stereo: No
  • Mic: Noise Canceling Electret Microphone
  • Microphone Boom: Flexible boom
  • Headset Case
  • Power Source: Microphone Bias (requires boom microphone to be powered continuously)
  • Ear Seals: Leatherette with Plush foam
  • FAA TSO Approval
  • 3-yr warranty

Other Information

Part # 301317-002
Model # Airman 850
UPC 800549364232
Manufacturer Telex
Termination Type Airbus: XLR Connector
Hearing Protection Active Noise Reduction
Stereo/Mono Mono
Aircraft Type Pro/Commercial
TSO Approved? Yes
Warranty 3 Years
Size Adult

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Occupation / Rating:
Airbus 320/321 pilot
Nice step up from non-ANR
  • I'm using this in lieu of the company provided, Non-ANR model on the 320/321. It's a good change, but don't expect Bose quality noise canceling. I started wearing earplugs from gate to gate and it's really been great to cut down on the ambient noise, but the little finger stalks on the buds wouldn't work with the flush ear pad on the old headsets. With these, there's a nice foam pad which gives some space around the ear canal so any earplugs have room to sit comfortably. With that combination, now every transmission and conversation comes through super clear, with almost no plane noise. That said, you can still tell what's going on with your engines... You just need to adjust to the new tones. The mic is clear as well.
  • Pros: Solid OEM connection, Good sound quality, Decent ANR
  • Cons: The case is just barely big enough for the headset, No Bluetooth or line-in
Occupation / Rating:
Great value ANR headset
  • Lightweight and slim design, comfortable to wear for up to 2 hour flights, gets a a bit uncomfortable afterwards. ANR is impressive given the size of the cups and absence of batteries. Would definitely recommend.
  • Pros: Slim and lightweight, No need for batteries, Good level of noise reduction
  • Cons: Mic needs to be pretty much on the lips to hear yourself through the Intercomm
SE Asia
Occupation / Rating:
Airman 850 Airbus Connector
  • The Airman 850 is a great product. Have been using the twin jack model for 5 years flying the 747. On the 74, it'd earn 5 stars because of the noisy flight deck. On the 330 which I currently operate, the active noise cancellation isn't required. Flight deck is pretty quiet. The audio reception is excellent, with or without the ANR turned on.
  • Pros: Excellent reception and transmission quality, ANR works as indicated,
  • Cons: ANR function not necessary on A330, ears get hot after prolonged use,
Occupation / Rating:
330 Bus Driver
as expected, excellent product and service
  • Headset works very well and improves the quality of conversation with even the most difficult controllers....the Italians and the French
  • Pros: nice case to keep it safe, easy plug in
  • Cons: with the ear pads were a bit softer
Occupation / Rating:
Heavy equipment operator
850 ANR
  • It shipped right away and was the best price available online.

    I ordered it with the Airbus adapter. It works great to cancel the wind noise in the cockpit. While really not needed, foam earplugs in addition To the ANR headsets really take away all the ambient sounds.
Middle East
Occupation / Rating:
ANR works on B777
  • Very happy with this headset. Sound quality good. No hot mike on our 777 but ANR still works.
  • Pros: light, good sound
  • Cons: doesn't look sturdy
United States
Occupation / Rating:
  • This aging pilot loves his new headset. He said it makes a big difference as compared to the standard airline issued headset. Now to keep him from forgetting it on the plane.....!
Perfect for the Bus
  • I only use this headset on the A320 (I bought it with the Airbus plug) and it's perfect. I bought one after I tried one that my copilot was using. I put his on for about 5 seconds and that's all it took; it was such an improvement over the company-provided Airman 750. I immediately ordered the 850 and I couldn't be more satisfied. The volume control is a high/low switch and the low setting is more than adequate. I don't think it would be enough noise reduction for a private aircraft, for example an RV-7.
  • Pros: Comfortable, takes no space in flight bag.
  • Cons: None
Poor sound quality/clarity, marginal ANR, hissing
  • I bought these for use in the Airbus A320 series. I had been using a Clarity Aloft headset, but after five years it broke. I think that people enjoying the Telex 850 headset have never used something as crisp, clear, and noise free as the Clarity Aloft or a comparable headset.

    After my Clarity Aloft broke I used the company provided Telex 750 for a month, but the sound quality is so terrible I found myself struggling to understand ATC and the intercom.

    I bought these Telex 850s thinking the headset speakers and ANR would remedy the issues I had with the 750. As far as I can tell the sound quality/clarity is no better. They must use the same speakers as the 750. Yes you don't need to turn the volume up as high, but ATC communications still come through the headset speakers muddled to me. Additionally, there is less ambient noise with the ANR turned on, but certainly not enough to matter. There is also a slight hiss in the one speaker when the ANR is on. I think that for $400 this headset is wildly overvalued. I'm sending it back.
Really nice headset
  • a very nice headset for the A320 series aircraft. We fly everything from the oldest A320 basic through the older and newer A319's to the newest A321 enhanced.
    This works with all of them. I did order the Airbus to GA adapter since the latest delivery A321's have the different plug.

Showing Reviews 11 - 15

works well, lasts about 4 years.
  • It's a nice headset, mostly comfortable to wear for hours and is light and small. My only real gripe is that the wires between the earpieces are very thin, light, and are not protected from bending where they exit the earpiece. Consistently, the wire will break at the 4-5 year point. I have been able to cut the wire (it is long enough to cut an inch off) and solder it back onto the circuit board inside the earpiece, but it is a challenge with a standard soldering iron. (If you mail it in for service, the charge was a flat $200 a few years ago.)

    I recommend placing some shoe goo or other rubber or silicone around the wire where it exits as soon as you get this headset to prevent the wire from bending at a sharp angle at a concentrated location. I think it will last longer before breaking. Telex should surround the wire with a reinforcement at this location.
Works Well, Costs Less - hope to get years of rest!
  • New on the Airbus 3192/321s at American Airlines. Put off by the high cost of other noise-cancelling headsets until an FO shared their TELEX 850 with me. Marv's no hassle return policy encouraged me to give it a test run. Found noise cancellation to be great - but not total "numbness" of over-the-ear phones I had on military aircraft (David Clarks on C130s). Can still hear important noises and critical changes while enjoying lots less wind and engine noise. Seems to be the perfect middle ground for me. Volume on "LOW" setting is more than adequate with cockpit control knobs for various radios. Ear cups are not "sweaty" despite DFW August temps. Supplied case was a nice bonus - wish it had a hard plastic insert to better protect headset while it's in my kitbag. That is my only upgrade request. Used it during 15 days of flying without a problem - very relaxing and less fatigued at end of flight. Will reserve 5 Stars until I judge it's long-term reliability in the operational environment, but great product so far and one of my favorite pieces of equipment - after my ball cap!
Very Satisfied
  • Should have bought this years ago. Skip the 5 x 5 Pro and buy the 850.
Lightweight and compact
  • Very satisfied with the product. Extremely light weight, and the noise cancellation is sufficient, allows for clear intra-cockpit communication, and listening to ATC. I am told that the audio being generated by this microphone also has a higher level of clarity in it. Currently being used on the A320 family. Carry case is also extremely compact. This is probably the lightest ANR headset for the Airbus in the market (of course, these are with the Airbus plugs).
Very satisfied.
  • Changed fleet to the A320 about a year ago and was looking for a new pair of headset. Never used Telex before, so thought I'd give it a try. Very satisfied with the product indeed. Sound is very clear even when the volume knob on the radio panel is turned down to minimum. In fact many Captains that I fly with turned up the volume for me because they thought I wasn't monitoring the radio. Of course I had to turn it down again otherwise it gets too loud.
    Headset is light weight and comfortable for long flights. This is my 5th pair of headset since GA flying and my 6th will probably still be Telex.
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