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Getting the Most from Your Flight Training

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Getting the Most from Your Flight Training
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Product Description

Getting the Most from Your Flight Training by Darren Smith is the essential guide to becoming a better pilot, paying the least, getting the most, and finishing as quickly as possible. It includes sections on Becoming a Better Pilot, Ground & Flight Instruction Tips, and Earning Certificates & Ratings.

Darren Smith, a CFII and ATP who has written several books about flying, is the author of a book that helps you become a better pilot while paying the least, getting the most, and finishing as quickly as possible. Smith includes advice on getting started, how to select a flight instructor, getting into the airlines, and an introduction to radio communications. The nitty-gritty advice on saving money is found in the sections on ground and flight instruction.

What's Inside This Book? (59 of the 1000 questions this book answers):

  • How to prevent a flight instructor from milking you for hours, page 6
  • The proper sequence of Private Pilot Training, page 8
  • How to get the least expensive ground training, page 10
  • How to get the first 5-10 hours at the lowest cost, page 12 (and make sure you dont get stuck with a lemon CFI)
  • How to select the best flight instructor for you, page 15
  • How to get on a path to an airline career, page 17 (remember seniority is everything and here are some secrets)
  • How to get flight training for free if you're a veteran, page 19
  • Part 61 or Part 141, page 21
  • How you learn best, page 22 (the average flight instructor will have no clue, you will tell them after you read this)
  • How to know if your pilot skills are on the right track, page 28
  • How to make sure you're not wasting money on any flight lesson, page 31
  • Getting past performance anxiety, page 37
  • What makes a pilot successful, page 39
  • Attitudes & behaviors that can kill, page 42
  • What shortcuts can do to your lifespan, page 45
  • The top three accidents and how to prevent them, page 49
  • The four things that will kill you, page 53
  • How a red rule can save your life, page 59
  • The distractions that can cause you to make mistakes, page 62
  • How you can enhance your situational awareness during any flight, page 64
  • How to avoid a gear up accident, page 67
  • The preflight briefing that you've never heard of that you simply must perform, page 69 (hint: SWAPAFO)
  • What to look out for when flying with another pilot, page 71 (gotchas that can get you both into an accident)
  • How to avoid an inflight breakup of the airplane, page 73 (how not to turn a C172 into ultralight parts)
  • The three things you must do if you lose control of the aircraft in IFR conditions, page 77
  • What's on the flight review, page 79
  • How to screw up a flight review, page 81 (here are the gotchas that can screw you up)
  • How your pilot skills disappear, how to prevent it, page 83
  • How to take charge of your flight training, page 87
  • What the cheapest flying can do to you, page 89
  • Eleven things you must do if you want to save money on your flying, page 91
  • How to get to solo as quickly as possible, page 93 (here are the gotchas which can drain your wallet)
  • What the instructor must do if you dont get 100% on any FAA written, page 95 (most aren't doing it)
  • Avoid paying your instructor to watch you preflight the aircraft, page 97 (a great moneymaker for any CFI)
  • Taking care of the lowest paid employee at the airport, page 99 (you'll be surprised who it is)
  • Things that make your flight instructor's skin crawl, page 103
  • How to avoid miscommunication with your flight instructor, page 105 (or any other pilot with more training than you)
  • The difference between a pepperoni pizza and a CFI, page 108
  • How to tell the difference between fact and opinion, page 111
  • Proof your instructor doesn't know it all, page 113
  • Eleven things you must do to get the most for your money on ground schooling, page 115
  • Thinking about becoming a CFI? page 117 (how to get started, you'll be surprised, its free)
  • How to make sure your flight instructor is the best, page 119
  • Things that flight instructors must do, page 121 (if their heart is in it)
  • What Bruce Willis has to do with your flight instruction, page 123
  • Why you'll eventually quit flying, page 125 (seems impossible doesn't it? so prevent it)
  • How to save $8,000 if you're going to be a professional pilot, page 129
  • What your instructor must do if you're going on a checkride, page 133
  • Thirteen surefire ways to fail a checkride, page 135
  • Fourteen little surprises the examiner can throw at you during a checkride, page 138 (and your CFI didn't tell you)
  • How to make checkride anxiety disappear, page 141
  • Shortcuts on the checkride, page 143 to 146
  • Eight things you can do to build your flying skills after you got the private, page 146
  • A surefire way to complete your rating, page 147
  • What can screw up your instrument rating training, page 149 (some of which you will never recover from)
  • How to save thousands of dollars on your IFR ticket, page 153
  • The one tool you should never leave the ground without, page 158
  • What the acronym CAPER means, page 165 (and I'll bet your CFI doesn't have a clue)
  • The things you absolutely must know about your aircraft, page 172 (to pass a checkride, checkout, etc)

Other Information

Part # DSM1
Manufacturer Darren Smith
Rating/Aircraft Type Private
Author Darren Smith
ISBN-13 9780982394083
Pages 170

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