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Yaesu FTA-750L NAV/COM/GPS Aviation Transceiver - U.S. 110 Volt

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Yaesu FTA-750L NAV/COM/GPS Aviation Transceiver - U.S. 110 Volt
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Yaesu FTA-750L NAV/COM/GPS Aviation Transceiver - U.S. 110 Volt

Product Description

This unit is for 110 Volt U.S. Power sources.

The Yaesu FTA-750L Spirit is an Airband Transceiver with ILS (Localizer & Glide Slope), VOR Navigation and GPS receiver combines tradition with innovation. Born from a history of high quality communications the FTA-750L now includes a 66 channel GPS receiver for reliable navigation.

Boasting an oversize full dot matrix LCD display, the FTA-750L Airband Transceiver / GPS provides full communication on the Aircraft communications Band and additionally provides VOR and ILS navigation features on the "NAV" band, and waypoint navigation with the built in GPS receiver.

The FTA-750L includes NOAA weather band monitoring and the capability of programming up to 200 memory channels with a quick and easy channel recall feature. The brand new easy to operate menu system is icon driven making it simple to navigate through all of the powerful features this transceiver / GPS has to offer. Additionally the FTA-750L can easily be reprogrammed in minutes using the optional PC Programming software and the supplied USB programming cable.


Integrated 66 Channel WAAS GPS receiver
The FTA-750L features an integrated 66 Channel WAAS GPS receiver providing the capability of quickly storing current position information as well as manually entering in waypoints for reliable navigation. When a waypoint is activated the navigation screen features a compass display with Bearing, Course over ground, distance and speed information.

GPS Position Logging operation
The FTA-750L includes a GPS Logging feature when activated automatically stores your position information at preset intervals. This is a great feature when backtracking is necessary.

ILS (Localizer & Glide Slope) and VOR Navigation
When the FTA-750L receives a VOR signal the display will automatically switch to the Navigation band screen, with CDI (Course Deviation Indicator) based on the received VOR signal.

Easy to operate menu system
The FTA-750L comes configured with an easy to operate icon driven menu system. The displays and menu settings are logically configured for a more intuitive user interface.

Huge Dot Matrix LCD display
The FTA-750L features a huge 1.7" x 1.7" full dot matrix LCD display with full backlight and dimmer. The high resolution display makes it easier to view all the great features the FTA-750L has to offer.

200 Channel Memory bank
The FTA-750L can store up to 200 Memory channels for quick and easy retrieval. With the capability of using up to 15 Alphanumeric characters per name the FTA-750 allows for a better channel description. PC Programmable The FTA-750L channel configurations can easily be reprogrammed using the supplied USB programming cable and the optional programming software.


  • 5 Watts TX Output Power
  • Huge 1.7” x 1.7” Full-Dot Matrix Display (160 x 160 dots)
  • ILS Navigation Display (Localizer and Glide Slope)
  • VOR Navigation Display
  • Easy to operate menu system
  • Integrated 66 Channel WAAS GPS receiver
  • Waypoint Navigation
  • GPS Position Logging
  • NOAA Weather Channel Receive (U.S.A. Version Only)
  • NOAA Weather Alert (U.S.A. Version Only)
  • 200 Memory Channels with 15 alphanumeric characters
  • Back-lit Keypad and Display
  • Water Protection – IPX5 Rating
  • Loud Audio (800 mW)
  • High-Capacity Li-Ion Battery Pack (7.4 V 1800 mAh)
  • Complies with Mil Spec: MIL-STD-810F
  • Alkaline Battery Tray (AA x 6)
  • Updated Scan Band selection:
    • “ALL BAND” scans both COM and NAV bands between 108.00MHz and 136.975MHz 
    • “COM BAND” scans the COM band between 118.00MHz and 136.975MHz 
    • “NAV BAND” scans the NAV band between 108.000MHz and 117.975 MHz
  • Channel spacing: 25 kHz / 8.33 kHz

What’s in the Box:

  • FTA-750L Transceiver
  • Antenna
  • Li-Ion battery
  • 110V AC Charger
  • Charging Cradle
  • 12VDC charger (cigarette Lighter Adapter) 
  • Ferrite Core
  • Alkaline battery tray
  • Belt clip
  • Headset adapter
  • USB programming cable

Other Information

Part # FTA-750L
UPC 788026138012
Features Channel-Recall, NAV/COM, ILS NAV, VOR NAV, GPS
Manufacturer Yaesu
Warranty 3 Years

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Occupation / Rating:
  • This is the first handheld aviation radio that I have bought. The radio comes with all of the accessories
    that I could want or need. The sound is crisp and clear. I can pick up the ATIS broadcast from the airport 11.5 miles away as the crow flies as I was at the top of my parking garage at work. Probably 70 ft AGL. I needed to turn the squelch down but I was able to tell what was said through the static. The radio comes with an instruction manual that you must follow. Not hard to understand but there are many functions and menus to learn. Have not flown to try the NAV functions. I think this is a very good radio and will follow you through your flying career as you progress and you will not be lacking for bells and whistles.
  • Pros: Clear audio, Sensitive to distant signals, Well built and tough exterior, easy to see screen.
  • Cons: Haven't found any yet but a lot to learn.
Occupation / Rating:
Flight Operations Mngr
Great Radio
  • I was looking for a handheld that would scan several channels but allow me to transmit on a single preset freq. The 750L does exactly that. The reception is clear, the range is more than I have tested it at. The instructions to program are simple to follow. Comes with all the bits you would have to by as extras. The Nav features are just a bonus. Arrived on time and free shipping. I am very happy with this purchase.
  • Pros: Great reception and transmission, comes with Lithium Battery pack, multiple listening configurations.
  • Cons: No negatives yet
Norwalk, Ohio
Occupation / Rating:
Police Officer/Private Pilot-Airplane-PPG
Happy Buyer
  • Thanks for the ease of ordering on line. Radio came to my door right on time, as predicted. Radio meets the expectation of my other Yaesu equipment. Very happy with my purchase from MG.
  • Pros: Easy to operate. Clear instructions. Large screen is easy to read even in turbulence.
  • Cons: Doesn't have built-in Blue-Tooth!
Queen Creek, AZ
Truly a handy little radio
  • Yaesu FTA-750--, get ATIS before burning pricey fuel. I've had panel radios fail, so a backup is nice to have as well. I like this one better than Icom. And it comes with a desk top charging cradle !!
  • Pros: Big display, Marv's price is better than his competition.
More than Expected
  • This radio works great. The gps and ils are spot on here in Arizona. Not a very large learning curve to work the features. Had the operations mastered in about 30 minutes. An external antenna makes this radio great for Experimental Amateur Built aircraft.
Good Handheld - Needs a Database
  • VHF Comm - Great
    VOR Nav - Great
    Loc/GS - Good (GS Display tough to read)
    GPS - Fair (Needs a Database- Tough to put Lat/Lon in for waypoints)
Good product for the price
  • I like the product a lot. Does everything I want. Some people have complained about the user interface being hard to use, but I haven't found it as bad as what people have said but it does still take a little getting used to. I like that it includes the charging base and 12V DC adapter, plus the headset adapter and spare AA battery caddy. It seems like all the other ones charge extra for all that stuff.
Nice product but still lacking needed software features
  • Vertex/Yaesu constructs quality products. The FTA-750L is no exception. A new manual interface makes it easier to use. There are lots of nice features to supplement the cockpit instrumentation...especially if you are flying gliders or minimally outfitted power planes.

    However Software is the shortfall. Yaesu needs to open up their software interface so third part vendors that can build needed applications that further enhance the ease of use. GPS tracking is an example. Values collected during flight cannot yet be exported to mapping software that would be important during glider training and competition.

    Apple is a model that should always be considered by any company. If it weren't for third party software developers, Apple would never have made it past the Apple II+.

    One of the hardware features that swayed my decision was the Li-ion battery. NimetalHydride batteries do not survive the charging abuse that likely will occur in the private aviation industry.

    Still, the FTA-750L is a great value for the investment.
Great product. Lots of features!
  • Looks great, functions well. The issue I have is a not very fluid GUI (Graphical User Interface) it takes several steps to turn on scan, back-light and dimmer, and a few other things I would expect to have quicker access to. Overall a nice unit loaded with features!
Pretty nice, high quality; but…
  • The radio is typical Yaesu - Vertex Standard quality and serviceability. The twist the knob, menu driven approach works, but it a bit cumbersome. Pre-sets are the order of the day. The GPS is of limited use with no database and all coordinates requiring entry via the above mentioned knob twisting. A far better radio than the Garmin 190 it replaces, the GPS side is really limited. Well worth the money, and would be even better with a database, particularly one that could be updated via and SD card of one size or another.

Showing Reviews 11 - 12

Mostly satisfied. Definitely worth the money!
  • Mostly satisfied. Operation is slightly confusing but a great back up to comm and nav functions.
Excellent product for the price. Works great and comes with all the accessories.
  • So many functions in a well built compact package. Easy to use and rigged with great battery life. Easy menu system and customizable functions. Inexpensive way to get a second Navcom in the airplane.
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