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David Clark DC PRO-X ANR/ENC Headset

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David Clark DC PRO-X ANR/ENC Headset
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David Clark DC PRO-X ANR/ENC Headset

Product Description

Leading edge technology and sleek, supra aural design puts the new DC PRO-X a generation ahead of any other aviation headset in its class. The David Clark DC PRO-X ANR/ENC Headset is the perfect combination of comfort and performance. From its feather-light yet extremely rugged magnesium alloy headband and suspension system, to its best-in-class Hybrid noise cancelling technology and Bluetooth compatibility, you simply won’t find a better headset or a better value.


Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancelling features not one, but two microphones – one located on the exterior of the dome and isolated from the speaker (feed-forward) and a second internal microphone placed near the speaker (feed-back). The exterior microphone acquires the noise before it gets to the ear canal. Working in concert with the internal microphone, the signals are then inverted to produce a reverse, ‘anti-noise’ signal, resulting in unsurpassed active noise reduction performance.


  • Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancellation with advanced feed-forward and feed-back technology provides best-in-class active noise reduction
  • Dual voice coil drivers provide fail safe operation to ensure full communication in the event of battery loss or system failure
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) ensures high-fidelity audio for superior communications and music listening
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology provides seamless integration for connecting to cell phones, MP3, tablets or other personal electronic devices
  • Stereo/mono switch
  • M-5B electret microphone with enhanced noise cancelling
  • Rugged yet lightweight magnesium alloy headband and suspension is adjustable for personalized fit
  • Low profile, leatherette head pad with breathable, vented design eliminates 'hot spots'
  • Dura-Stitched, leatherette ear seals with slow recovery foam cradle the ears in comfort and eliminate heat buildup
  • Compact, in-line control module with backlit, touch key user interface controls On/Off, Bluetooth® wireless technology and volume control
  • Control module powered by two (2) AA batteries for up to 50 hours of use
  • Audio Mute - Reduces auxilliary audio volume and prevents missed communications
  • "Dark Mode" to turn off LEDs on Battery Box for night flying
  • Collapsible, folding design for compact storage in David Clark headset bag (included)
  • Weight (without cord assembly) 7.5 oz.
  • Auto-Shutoff when not in use.
  • TSO-C139 Approved
  • Five-year warranty backed by industry leading customer service


  • Pro-X Headset
  • Belt Clip
  • David Clark Headset Bag


Performance Features:

Supra-Aural Design Lightweight, comfortable design with excellent passive and active attenuation
Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancellation Provides best-in-class active noise cancellation
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Seamless integration for connection to cell phones, MP3, tablets or other personal devices
Rotating Boom Microphone Allows for easy placement in left or right side positions
Dual Volume Controls Touch-key provides selectable volume levels
Dual Voice Coil Earphone Drivers Provide Fail-Safe Operation Ensures full communication in the event of battery loss or system failure
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technology Provides high fidelity audio for superior communications and music listening
Audio Mute Reduces auxiliary audio volume and prevents missed communications
Stereo/Mono Selection Compatible with all aircraft audio panel configurations
Five-Year Warranty Backed by industry leading customer service 
FAA TSO C-139 Meets or exceeds all TSO requirements

Other Information

Part # 43100G-01
Model # DC PRO-X
Manufacturer David Clark
Termination Type General Aviation: Standard Two Plugs
Hearing Protection Active Noise Reduction
Stereo/Mono Stereo/Mono
Aircraft Type Pro/Commercial
TSO Approved? Yes
Warranty 5 Years
Size Adult

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DFW area
Occupation / Rating:
ATP 727-757-767-777-DC9-CE500-DA20 Currently captain a single pilot Beech King Air E-90
Great Headset
  • Love my DC-ProX! Used them on my B777-300ER trips from DFW to Hong Kong for 3 years. Love the comfort, never notice them on my head. No hot spots. Bluetooth is great. Light weight. Great mic. Sound is perfect. Only complaint is the headband cushion is coming loose from headband. Apparently the adhesive is breaking down.
    I currently use them in a Beech King Air turboprop, and they work very well in that very noisy environment. Very satisfied customer!
  • Pros: Light, comfortable, effective.
  • Cons: Headset cushion is coming loose.
Occupation / Rating:
Excellent deal
  • Thank you for the fast shipping only 4days from order to delivery (including weekends) to AK
Abu Dhabi
Occupation / Rating:
Professional Pilot / Airbus A330/340
  • First let me say that Marv Golden is the best. I ordered on the 9th April and received my purchase on the 11th April. Outstanding. I love this headset. The greens cups are distinctive. Lightweight and comfortable, I can wear these on those long haul flights and I have. I forget I'm wearing them sometimes. They reduce noise levels drastically, even in passive mode. The cups seal really well and the headband is very comfortable. The leatherette feels good against the skin. The individual volume control is wonderful in helping to even out the sound levels for left or right seat positions. The ANR is quite good at isolating you from the noise, but it does have a hollowing effect. Something I'll have to get used to. For the price it's perfect. Given the opportunity, I'll buy this again in a heartbeat from Marv Golden. I'm considering to purchase an extra set of earseals and mic muff as these do wear out. This headset will serve me well, for a long time to come.
  • Pros: Lightweight, comfortable, easily adjustable, very good sound separation, noise cancellation, affordable.
  • Cons: Hollow effect with ANR, clamping force can be a little stronger.
Occupation / Rating:
  • DC has always made a quality product, but these are hands down the best headset I’ve ever used. Any Bose product was always painful after more than a 2.5 leg and were poor construction quality. Did a 14 hour day and 7.6 of flying and no problemo with the Pro-X! Superb!
  • Pros: Comfort, quality construction
  • Cons: None!
Occupation / Rating:
Airline pilot
Excellent Headset
  • Just received these a couple of weeks ago. I’m on the A320 fleet. The noise reduction is amazing, and the headset is surprisingly light without feeling flimsy. They are well made, and the airbus adapter works great. They are comfortable even after a couple of hours of use.
  • Pros: Light, well made, good noise reduction.
  • Cons: Not as light as others they are a compromise between large over the ear models and an earpiece.
Occupation / Rating:
Captain A3219/320/321
Excellent on jets
  • Works great on the Airbus series aircraft. Great noise cancellation. Comfortable on long legs.
West Virginia
Occupation / Rating:
Pilot/ATP/B737, C650, BE300
David Clark DC PRO-X ANR/ENC
  • Excellent headset. Replaced a LightSpeed Zulu. ANR works very well in a jet and well enough for a piston twin. Light, comfortable. No vice-like grip like the old DC headsets. Used in a Citation III and a Piper Navajo. Works great in both!
  • Pros: Price, Quality, Brand
  • Cons: Cord from Headset to control module too short. Needs another 18".
Occupation / Rating:
737 pilot
737 approved!
  • I've flown three, three day trips. 50+ hours. Very quiet. More important is they fit great and are very light. No hot spots on my ears and I've flown multiple 5+ hour legs.
  • Pros: Quiet, light, comfortable
  • very good
Occupation / Rating:
Works well on the 737
  • I have used my headset on three trips so far and I have been pleasantly surprised. I fly the 737 for Delta and not all of the aircraft are set up for intercom use and we often slide one side off our ear and just talk. I had an old set of DC's that I had been using for almost 20 years and they would hurt my ears after a long flight. The DC pros are light weight and do a great job with the noise reduction. I was debating between the DC Pro and the Lightspeed and I am glad I went with the DC Pro. I can throw it in my bag quickly and not have to worry about being gentle with it.
  • Pros: light weightcomfortableANR works well
  • Cons: Batteries run out quicklyclip on attachment is not included

Showing Reviews 11 - 20

Occupation / Rating:
Corporate Pilot / Falcon 2000LX
DC Pro-X
  • So far I've had the chance to fly my new headset on one trip although it was a long one with two legs totaling just over 8 hours flight time.
    These are replacing an older set of Telex 850's. The DC's are more comfortable than I would have thought, and I'm loving the cushioned headband. On the Telex the headband would start getting uncomfortable after abut an hour inflight with it having no cushioning and creating hot spots on scalp. Also the amount of noise reduction is noticeably more on the DC's. I'm hearing some new sounds I had not noticed before due to the extra quieting vs the 850's. In case it helps others considering a new headset, I fly a Falcon 2000LX with hot intercom.
    Marv Golden was great to deal with and had answers to my questions without having to go hunt someone else down, unlike the other "well known big shop". Also very fast shipment from coast to coast.
    I would definitely use Marv Golden again, and time will tell on how I like the new DC's, but based on first flight I think I will like them a lot.
  • Pros: very comfortable, clear communications with ATC, quieter than previous ANR headset
  • Cons: None so far
Occupation / Rating:
Captain A320
Brilliant Headset
  • I spent quite a while looking at different options before settling on the DC PRO-X. Many of my colleagues use the Bose A20. I fly the A320 and previously had a Telex 5X5 Pro. I was getting tired of missing the odd radio call and struggling to hear my colleagues. Plus it was time to start properly protecting my ears. The 320 cockpit is not the nosiest, but the level of background noise dictates the volume you use for the radio comms - and this is where the hearing damage is really done.

    The DC PRO-X cuts out almost all the air conditioning noise on the flightdeck and makes for a very pleasant workplace. It leaves you with enough wind and engine noise to keep you quietly in the loop. Radio volume is consistently low now and crystal clear also. During the takeoff roll, the ANR seems to reduce all the background noise and just leave me with the N1 - exactly what I would want. I actually feel I can hear more relevant engine noise during takeoff than I could previously.

    During approach it is a bit of a different story. It is harder to use your ears to tell the power setting, but after an approach with the ANR turned off, I have discovered that this was no better - meaning just the fact that I had both ears covered was losing some of the aural feedback, the ANR wasn't the problem at all. It will take a while to get used to perhaps. But popping one earpiece off for approach is also an easy option if you wish.

    The headset is very lightweight and 3+ hour sectors have left me practically forgetting I had it on. Sunglasses fit easily at the same time, without any of the painful temples that normally come with that combination.

    The earpiece position definitely affects the ANR capability, but it's not nearly as critical as some say. Once you figure out what position works for you, then it's easy to pop it back in the perfect place every time. The hinges are cleverly designed to make a comfy fit very easy too.

    The only thing I found was that the mic has to be quite close to you lips to ensure clear comms. It doesn't have to be too far away to start losing volume on your readbacks.

    But overall, I am delighted with my purchase. Comfortable and lightweight and very very well made. I am looking forward to a new quieter future, with easy calm comms between me and my colleagues.
  • Pros: Lightweight, Sturdy Build, Very Comfortable, Excellent ANR Ability
  • Cons: Mic distance from mouth a fraction too critical
Occupation / Rating:
Flight instructor and Lear 35/55 pilot
ProX review
  • I am satisfied with this headset; the only thing I am not fond of is the button volume system vs something that slides like the Lightspeed can be difficult to set volume to be the same in each ear.

    I have used this headset while instructing in Cessna 172/182's and the ANR has been just fine...also been using it in a few Lear 35/55's and its been great. Bluetooth works well, and the autoshutoff function is nice
  • Pros: lightweight, metal construction, soft, good volume
Occupation / Rating:
Pilot. ATP
Switch from QC15 Setup
  • I use mine exclusively as commercial pilot (currently on the 737) I find the DC Pro-X a pretty good ANC headset. I switched from the QC15 with the third party mic and am fairly satisfied. The DC quality is very good and seems to be very sturdy and durable. The mic is far superior to the uFly setup in that it stays where you put it and swings up out of the way easily. As mentioned in other reviews the ear cups have a sweet spot for noise cancelling and I noticed if I lift the headband slightly off the head it was even better. I didn't have any issues with hotspots even on 6+ hour flights, if one developed a quick adjustment and t's gone. The 737 is noisy and some background noise seems to still get through. Overall might have preferred the Bose Aviation 20 for the noise cancelling but didn't want the bulk and the DC is a better value. I bought a couple of the Bose cord clips to manage the cord, none came with the DC.
  • Pros: Quality, value, Bluetooth, lightweight, compact size, battery life. TSO'ed
  • Cons: Avergage noise cancelling, bulky oversized storage bags, no cord clips for clothing or cockpit cord "management"
Occupation / Rating:
Best Lightweight ANR headset yet
  • Could not be happier with this bluetooth ANR headset. I sold my Telex Airman 850 ANR on Ebay after using it for about 6 years as a F/O on the B767 for added clarity in communications while overseas. It did a good job for the price. When I upgraded to Captain I decided to treat myself to this headset and it is outstanding. The ANR is much better. The ear cups seal better. The head band is much, much more comfortable. Im not sure how long a pair of AA batteries last for the ANR because after 2 months, Im yet to change them out. The headset is great even without turning ANR on. Couple the ANR with Bluetooth for background music and this is where this headset is light years ahead of my old Telex Airman 850. Very happy.
  • Pros: ANR quality, bluetooth, comfort, lightweight.
  • Cons: None. Zero.
Occupation / Rating:
B737 FO
Good headset for a noisy 737 cockpit
  • I work as a First Officer for a charter company flying mostly 737-800, usually doing two 3 or 6 hour sectors per day. Here are my thoughts about the DC PRO-X headset after 200 hours of use:
    - the headset is very compact and feels well made, with thick cables and a strong frame
    - initially it takes a while to find the best position of the earcups on your ears, but once you figure out how to get the best fit it's not a problem
    - that being said, sometimes when you move your head around you will have to readjust (tilt) the earcups to have a perfect seal
    - the headset is quite comfortable, even when you log 12 flight hours on a single day
    - I can hear some captains talking while having both earcups on my ears, however when the captain is speaking quiet or there is a lot of radio communication I need to take the left earcup off (we don't have hot intercom on our fleet, if I fly with a guy with his own ANC headset we use rubber bands to hold the switch)
    - with one earcup off it's still much better than no headset cause you still have full noise cancelling on one ear, but wearing the headset this way is not as comfortable anymore for longer periods of time
    - there is some clamping force on the ears which makes the headset a bit less comfortable with glasses - it's better to wear the glasses above your ears (the earcups press the upper part of the ear all the way to the skull)
    - noice cancelling works this way: when you put the headset on there is a large reduction of the high pitch wind/aircon noise, then once you turn on the ANC the tiring low pitch noise is cancelled; there is still some wind/eqipment noise present and you can also hear the engines
    - bluetooth works great on those long, night sectors with little ATC communication; it's possible to have the music muted when there's someone talking on the radio but I find it much better to let the music play in the background and set the VHF volume controls a bit higher
    - there is some static noise when the bluetooth is turned on but once you start listening to some music you won't notice it
    - bluetooth works in stereo, however the left channel plays in the right earcup and the right channel plays in the left earcup; I'm not sure if that makes any real difference, but it means that if you're an FO you will hear the stereo channels properly, but if you're a captain (and wear the mic on the left side) then the stereo channels will me mixed up; it would be great if the manufacturer put another switch for selecting whether the stereo channels should be interchanged or not
    - my volume selectors are set to about 10 o'clock position with both earcups on or around 11 o'clock with one earcup on
    - the microphone is great: very clear, cancels a lot of noise and it's not picking up any static when the intercom is used (like Bose headsets do)
    - there is no interference with the window heat or anything else in the cockpit
    - the bag supplied with the headset is useless but I bought a neoprene bag for lunch boxes that fits the headset perfectly
    - if you're on the 737 then you must get a belt clip for the battery/control module (part 41068G-03); just attach the belt clip to the sun visor rail and voila: nothing hitting your head or pulling the plugs out anymore
    - it's also a good idea to put some black insulation tape over the power and bluetooth LEDs as they glow bright at night

    All in all, I like the DC PRO-X and would buy it again.
Las Vegas
Occupation / Rating:
Outstanding Headset!
  • The DC Pro X's do an amazing job blocking out the excess noise with the ANR circuitry. I use these in a Phenom 100 and it does a brilliant job. Can't wait to try them out in the other jets. Fit and finish is great and they are extremely comfortable.

    Again, the ANR is surprisingly very good with this on ear type headset. I would highly recommend.
  • Pros: Very good ANR, extremely comfortable, high quality construction, folds away compactly for storage or travel
  • Cons: none found as of yet
Occupation / Rating:
737 Pilot
Quiets the nasty 737 cockpit!
  • Super comfortable headset on extended flights. Have only been using it for a few weeks but seems to be very well designed/constructed. Makes the obnoxiously loud 737 cockpit much less fatiguing. Sitting in the right seat, I've been lowering the volume in my left ear to facilitate hearing the Captain which usually works great...unless he's a "low talker" in which case I just shift the left earphone off my ear slightly. With a headphone shifted , the ambient noise is still mostly cancelled but can now hear the boss. Other reviews mentioned that the battery pack/control module dangles by your right does in a 737 but I just wrapped a good sized rubber band around the module and hung that from a 737 sun visor clip which has been working well. It's obvious when the batteries need to be volume lowers a little and radio transmissions become slightly scratchy. Swapping out batteries is simple. VERY HAPPY WITH PURCHASE.
  • Pros: High Quality, Comfortable, Effective
  • Cons: None yet
Occupation / Rating:
E 175
  • Hands down, an amazing headset. Can't say enough good things about this thing. Super comfy, even on 3+ hour flights. Great ANR along with Bluetooth capability combine to make this a very user friendly headset. No hot spots whatsoever. Super lightweight yet very robust. You can really feel the quality craftsmanship backed up with a 5 year warranty. Good work David Clark for a job well done as well as a price that make this headset impossible to beat. Forget the Ufly mike, the A20, the Sennheiser. Choose the Pro-X and you won't be disappointed.
  • Pros: Great ANR, Bluetooth, Comfortable, Durability
  • Cons: None
Charlotte, NC
Occupation / Rating:
A320 Series Captain
Excellent +
  • I fly the A319/320/321 series aircraft.
    I have been using these headsets for about two months. I am extremely happy with the noise attenuation. They are very comfortable on long trans-con flights with no hot spots. The construction is also very sturdy. The five year warranty is also comforting.
    David Clark really got this right for the modern jet flight deck.
    Worth the price.
  • Pros: Noise attenuation, construction, comfort
  • Cons: Bulky power pack

Showing Reviews 21 - 30

Occupation / Rating:
B737 Captain
Very pleased
  • I have used the Bose A20 and Telex Airman 850 headsets in the past. Both are good but I think the Pro-X ANR headset eclipses both of them. The exceptional build quality is noticeable straightaway. I have used the headset on two flights already and the noise reduction is exceptional. They are light and comfortable to wear. The bluetooth works well. Overall - very pleased with the headset.
  • Pros: Excellent quality, light, fantastic noise reduction, comfortable
LAX based pilot
Occupation / Rating:
First Officer/ ATP
Comfortable quality headset for B737
  • I purchased the Pro-X after much deliberation between the Bose A20, Bose QC-15 w/ Uflymike, Telex 850 and Senheiser. The Pro-X seem to hit the sweet spot between comfort, quality, and price.
    Having flown 8 legs now I have noticed the following: 1) comfort is first rate with no hot spots or head squeeze. 2) The on-ear design, while comfortable, doesn't attenuate noise level as much an over-the-ear product. This is especially so with the wind noise experienced on the 737, but I find the amount of noise reduction to be acceptable considering the physical limitations. Also, occasionally I need to reposition the ear cup for maximum noise reduction but don't find this a hindrance. 3) Build quality is first rate and is much more robust than the Telex 850 so you are getting a quality headset that will last. 4) Being able to position the mike on either side of my head was a selling feature for me since the Ufly mike only positions on the left side for Captains AND the QC15 is no longer available as the QC-20 is not available. 5) The Bose A20, while superior in noise reduction, is larger/heavier and much more costly than the ProX
  • Pros: Robust construction,Lightweight and comfortable,Versatile,DC backed warranty
  • Cons: On-ear noise attenuation somewhat limited
Ferndale, WA
Occupation / Rating:
Quality headset
  • I use the headset in 737's and it works very well. I've used Sennheiser's and the UFly-mic /Bose setup and the David Clarks are by far the best. The active noise system is effective and they are very light and comfortable even for 6+ hour legs.

    I work with a number of people who have the aviation Bose and while it's a great headset, the hissing sound they generate over the hot mic interphone is very distracting. The David Clarks are barely noticeable with the hot mic. Overall, I'd highly recommend the new David Clarks.
  • Pros: Light weight, comfortable, good sound reduction, works great with glasses
  • Cons: The on-ear style isn't as effective for passive noise cancelling.
Light, comfortable and quiet
  • I have been using the DC X Pro head set for about a month now and am very pleased with their performance. They are comfortable and light enough to keep on for the whole flight without any issue, the ANR does a good job in reducing the ambient noise and they fold up pretty small when tucked away in my flight bag.

    Marv Golden's service in shipping these out to me was fantastic. Top shelf
Great ANR's at a great price
  • I just wore the headsets for the first time on a 12 hour flight across the Atlantic on a 777 and loved them. The ANR feature works fantastic and the headsets are super comfortable even after 5 hours straight of wearing them. Most of the time I didn't even have to slip one ear off to hear the other pilot but when I did it was no big deal to hear clearly with just one ear on. The 777 is not that loud compared to some other airplanes but it's amazing what a difference you still notice when you put the ANR's on. I played around with the bluetooth feature a little bit and it worked great. You can select to have the sound cut completely out when somebody talks on the radio or have it play continuously. Like others said, if you wear the mike on the right side the volume controls are reversed but it's no big deal because once you set the volume the first time there's no real need to adjust it again, just use the radio volume. I've tried a few other ANR headsets from fellow pilots and have to say that the DC Pro's are the most comfortable and best value for the money.
Excellent sound quality... but.....
  • The sound quality is by far the best I've experienced. The headset is very comfortable and light weight. The "on the ear" style takes some getting used to. After 20 hrs wearing the headset, I would like to see the following improvements:
    1. Install a clip on the battery pack so the extra weight of the battery pack can be shifted from the plugs or the headset to a mounting bar.
    2. Enlarge the ear pads slightly to prevent the headset from rotating forward on my head when I look down.
Quality and Performance
  • Been a long-time (25+yr) user of Plantronics headset with the molded earpiece in Air Carrier operations. I started looking at ANR's about two years ago and made the decision to go with the DC ProX. I have used it for about a month and am very pleased with the product..

    In my search, I used a Sennheiser ANR for a month and, by comparison on quality and features, the DC ProX is superior. The build quality is stout (made in the USA), has a five year warranty,and is backed up with a solid guarantee of satisfaction from David Clark. Besides being a fine ANR, it is also built with Bluetooth technology which enables pairing with your phone for that call to MX. It is also possible to listen to music off your device, though I have not tried this feature.

    The ProX is lightweight and compact. The earphones retract inward to the headband and the boom mike tucks neatly away. The headset is TSO certified and works fine as a conventional non-ANR headset when the batts go dead after 50+hours of use. The power module warns you when the batts are getting low by the pulsing red light. Seeing the red light, I just continued use to test it. At approx 55 hours, the ANR function died, necessitating that I turn up the volume on my radio's audio control panel as I continued radio ops seamlessly (no Mickey Mouse earbuds required with this headset)!

    The boom mike quality is excellent, even for PA's. Fully adjustable, the mic is perfectly long and swings up or down, out of the way, for that sneeze or dinner. The earphone cups are soft and conform nice on the exterior ear. The headband is nicely padded and remains comfortable after several hours of flight. The adjustment of the headband remains set well and does not require re-setting for stowage.

    Lastly, being on-the-ear earphones, overheating of the ears is minimal although I may take them off for while after four+ hours of use. This headset also helps prevent Follicle Compression Syndrome since they do not impinge on one's scalp (my opinion only).

    Again, what really sold me with the ProX is the compact size for ease of stowage,build quality, and performance. I believe this unit will serve me well.

    Marv Golden service for purchasing this product was very good and they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. Tailwinds!
Performance trade offs
  • I liked the light weight of the headset and the compact size. However, there are trade-offs that I was unable to accept. The headset did not do as good a job at noise cancelling as my Lightspeed Zulus do, and in fact, it was just a little too noisy in the cockpit of a C182 to be acceptable to me. Also, as others have pointed out, the cord is too short if your jacks are in the panel or under the panel. It would be fine if the jacks were in the side panel or armrest areas. I returned the headset primarily because of the noise levels. At the end of the day, the light weight and small size were not enough to compensate for the noise levels, at least for me.
Excellent Headset
  • Hands down the best headset I have used in a jet in a long time. Previously I was using Telex and Sennheiser. With the DC Pro -X I do not have to crank up the volume to hear resulting in greatly improved ear comfort.

    So far the only problem I have had is getting my Galaxy S5 cell phone to pair with the headset though this is a function I do not not need any how.
not comfortable
  • does not wear well. wish I had returned it

Showing Reviews 31 - 40

excellent headset B737 use
  • Terrific headset! Light, Quiet, soft earmuffs. Bluetooth works great and can be set to fade with any transmissions or constant on. No hotspots for me. I use it in a 737. Can be worn mic on either side. Highly recommend.
Great new headset from David Clark
  • I tried 3 different headsets before choosing the new Pro-X.
    Very lightweight
    Good noise canceling for being 'on ear'
    Easy to fold up
    They don't clamp down on the ear like Sennheiser did but provide enough comfort for a secure fit
    The cord is long and doesn't weigh down like the Bose A10
    The padding on top is very comfortable. I don't even notice it like it did with Sennheiser. The Sennheisers made the top of my head numb. Don't know why.

    A little weird in how they fold up. The mic sort of sticks out and can be tough to pack in the case. Just make sure to be careful when putting them in the case.

    I haven't tried the Bluetooth yet. Overall the best in ear headset out there. Great job David Clark. You've done it again.
Very Good Headset
  • I have used the Sennheiser HMEC 45 for about 15 years and it was a very good headset. I tried the new HMEC 46 but it was inferior quality both in construction and function. In contrast, this headset is solidly built, very comfortable, and extremely quiet. The noise reduction is on the verge of being too good as it is sometimes difficult to hear the other pilot in the cockpit. For someone younger that still has all of their hearing, this is probably not an issue. The radio clarity is good and the bluetooth streaming function is a nice feature and works exactly as advertised. My only complaint is that the L/R volume controls become reversed if the headset is worn with the boom mic on the right ear (F/O). If you keep both sides at the same level this is not an issue but I keep the side facing the other pilot off to better hear him. (A-320)
Worth the money!
  • Great quality headset! Great comfort, very quiet and music streaming Bluetooth is awesome! Small and very light headset. Enjoying it every day!
  • I'm an FO on the B-737 at a major carrier. I've been using the QC-15 Bose with ufly mike adapter. The Bose A20 are just way too bulky and at our airline we have headset police that make sure we use the backup earbuds on the ufly mike setup. The David Clark' ProX are perfect! Ultra light. Simple bluetooth only design. And the mic is reversible. Noise canceling is excellent and really like the on ear design now.

    Love the ability to stream music, undetected, as I drone along on longer flights.

    Use them on dh flights in back to watch movies on the iPad.

    Highly recommend.
Awesome Headset.
  • Sent back my Telex Ascend for this headset and what a great headset for the Embraer 175 I currently fly. I like that it is compact, easy to carry, and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Noise Cancellation works great. A++ for David Clark on this one.
Thumbs up!
  • I have never used a noise cancelling headset before but as a pilot on the 737-800, i noticed that my hearing is not as good as it was (getting old doesn't help!). This headset makes an incredible difference and I keep it on the entire flight. At cruise while eating, I put the microphone up and talk on the airplane's hand mike. I briefly tried the Telex 850 while making my decision on headsets and found the quality better on the DC PRO-X and it was also more comfortable on my head (especially on the longer flights). The blue-tooth function is also nice to have.
Great headset
  • Very Light headset ( half the weight of conventional ANR headset)
    Great ANR even with the small cups. ( I use it in a B200)
    Cheap cheap cheap
    Good bluetooth.
    5 years warranty
    DC quality
    Only cons for me is the short mic boom.
Light and effective but I had issues...
  • I used this on the 737. I found it lighter and much more comfortable than the Bose A20 or the Sennhieser HMEC 46 and took up less room in my kit bag. Not as effective as the A20 but the A20 is too effective - with both cups over your ears it's almost complete silence. Especially on landing which is way too quiet for me.
    The DC PRO-x was just as much protection as I wanted but...
    1. The telex 850 performs almost the same. Not nearly as good as the PRO-X but for the price difference, good enough for me. Microphone sounds the same too.
    2. I had an issue with background humming noises. I've read these can come from the window heat and from the overhead panels. The hums would change frequency as I moved my head around. Hopefully that was just that one headset.
    3. Kind of disappointed that for that price there was no mini plug option. Blue tooth only. NA in flight. Bummer.
    I've used the Bose A20, the Sennhieser HMEC 46, and this DC PRO-X headsets on the 737. What do I use now? The Telex 850. It blocks out just enough noise without blanking out the other pilot. And - it's light small and cheap. But for multiple long haul transcon 'drone" flights, the Bose A20 is outstanding.
Excellent headset
  • I have spent the past couple of weeks flying with my David Clark DC Pro-X head set.

    As a pilot on the Boeing 737-800, I can't tell you how much I appreciate the noise-cancelling capabilities of this headset.

    In fact, I didn't realize just how much quieter the cockpit was, until during my last flight from LGA, my headset got caught on something and was pulled from my ears. The ambient noise was incredible!

    I can't imagine flying without my DC Pro-Xs

Showing Reviews 41 - 50

Great Noise Canceling Headset
  • The DC Pro X ANR replaced my Bose X headset and I couldn't be more pleased. I fly B737 aircraft and the DC Pro X has the perfect balance of noise canceling and comfort. The Bose served me well but is simply too clunky and heavy when compared to the DC Pro X. Unlike the Bose X headset which I had to remove in cruise because it was uncomfortable....I leave the DC Pro X on from push back to block in. The headset provides great clarity and high quality noise canceling in a light weight and comfortable package. The DC Pro X ANR is the best headset that I have used during the 26 years that I have been piloting airplanes. Bravo David Clark. For 737 drivers....David Clark does not provide a clothing clip with the one to attach to the ENC module so that it can be secured. Otherwise it dangles far down from the head high plug in. This is annoying and also puts a strain on the input cords at the mic / headphone jack. DC should include the clothing clip with the headset. GREAT Headset. HIGHLY recommended. Superb quality. Bravo.
DC PRO-X Headset is awesome.
  • My copilot had a pair of these (DC Pro-X ANR) and let me try them on. Unbelievable. A320 CP is not terribly noisey but these made it actually 'quiet'. I flew my first trip with them and am blown away. Rather than ditching the headset at 18,000' we both kept the headsets on and just talked over the intercom. It was so relaxing without the background noise. Just for grins, I tried the blutooth from my ipod. Cut-out was immediate with ATC and the intercom. Absolutely zero delay so you'd never miss an ATC call. About 1 second after the transmission stops, the music fades back in. Won't be able to use this right now as the company doesn't permit it but for the corporate setting, it's a very nice feature. If you're on the fence, take the plunge. You'll be glad you did. Well worth the $637 I paid. I bought them hear for the price and service. Great guys to deal with.
outstanding headset
  • Great headset,light weight,durable,compact for travel,description on the dc pro-x ANR/ENC headset is 100% accurate,I fly the airbus.I highly recommend this headset for any jet .( I experimented with many headsets prior to this purchase) (customer service @ Marv Golden 100% top notch !!!!!
Great for jets
  • I was looking for compact light weight and great quality, David Clark has made a winner with the DC Pro ANR. I'm currently flying a CRJ and the ANR works perfect once you find the sweet spot on your ears. For long legs they are far more comfortable than my previous Zulu's. The compact folding feature works great for storage in tight places as well. Battery life is spot on what they say, changed out my last set of AA's around 55hrs of use.
Very efficient headset!!!
  • I am flying the 737,
    This headset is perfect for this type of operation...
    Noise reduction is very good and the Bluetooth works great.
    You can even select the mode like in Bose.Auto or mixed mode.
    I had the A20 before..much much better noise reduction,but more heavy and too bulky.
    The only missing thing on this headset is a clothing clip to fix the remote can buy the clothing clip from Bose as extra..enjoy!!
Surprisingly Good In Both Piston & Jet Aircraft
  • This is a great headset, and a great value compared to the Bose and Lightspeed alternatives. I bought it for use at work in a Lear 35, but it works surprisingly well in my Piper Cherokee. It cancels out a lot of noise in both piston and jet aircraft, and it is very light and comfortable. The bluetooth is a great feature; the only issue is that everyone on the intercom will hear you when making cell phone calls. There should be a way to automatically or manually isolate the outbound audio.
  • I decided to take a chance and hung up my Sennhieser ANRs that I've used for years. I now use my new DC Pro-X ANR and love them! The fit, form and function are GREAT! I have been averaging over 50 hours a month in a Lear 60 and the Pro-X is the best, most comfortable small headset that I've ever tried, and I have tried quite a few! DC finally has a WINNER!
  • I just bought this, I am captain of a ERJ 145 and this are just the best headsets available from DC, only problems was the mute function when you have connected the mp3 and when ATC comes in, but hey, it is also for safety.
Very Good Headset
  • Very good headset, flying a DC9, comfortable and very good noise cancelling. Solidly built I must say. I have had the Telex 850 and Sennheiser HMEC 45 in the past. This headset looks like a workhorse.
Worked well in a Learjet 35
  • I just did a flight in a Learjet 35 from KMYF-KFAT-KDAL. The ANR worked well without being 'too much' for a Jet cockpit. The DC Pro X was comfortable the entire trip (the KFAT-KDAL leg was 3:00 Hrs). Will airline back to KDAL to pick up the aircraft and fly KDAL-KSAT-KFAT-KMYF and will take this headset with me. The only thing I didn't get a chance to try was the Bluetooth with my iPhone. So far this will replace my Telex Ascend. Only issue was the headband occasionally bumped into the side upper windshield on the Lear; something that would occur with any large headband which is common on most of these type headsets. For small Jets I would recommend this headset. Called David Clark and they said the Eveready Lithium non-rechargeable AA Batteries are okay to use and should give you longer battery life.

Showing Reviews 51 - 53

Excellent for jets
  • Just flew with the DC Pro X in a Falcon 900. We used the Telex 850 and the DC Pro X to determine which headset worked better, the DC pro X was superior in both hearing protection and audio communication. Our legs were up to 8 hours each and the headset was flawless, highly recommend for this category aircraft.
Not for Pistons
  • I tried this headset based on their advertisement that this headset can be used in single engine pistons. I test flew with this headset in Cessna 172 SP. I found the headset being too loud even with noise cancelling on and there is hardly any passive noise reduction. There was a huge difference noise reduction when I switched with my Bose X in flight.

    The headset is light and comfortable, and has a very low clamping force. This is good and bad because the passive noise reduction is reduced due to low clamping force. The bluetooth feature works great, streams music and calls (not tried inflight). I thought the music sound quality could be better, not a big factor for an aviation headset though. Overall, nice headset, but I won't recommend it if your cockpit is loud.
Compfortable, Light weight, Adequate ANR
  • Just finished a trip using the DC Pro-X. I have used a Telex 850 and Sennheiser
    HMEC 25 Ka in the past. This headset is more compfortable than the Telex and Sennheiser. The ANR is better than the Telex but not quite as good as the
    Sennheiser. The microphone is crystal clear. The blue tooth works very well
    for music and telephone. I fly a fairly noisey jet and was quite statisfied with
    the overall operation of the headset. It appears to be well constructed and folds up
    easily to fit in the storage bag. I was alittle hesitant to purchase this headset, but am happy with it. It actually performs better than I had expected.
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