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Bose A20 Aviation Headset (No Bluetooth)

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Bose A20 Aviation Headset (No Bluetooth)
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Bose A20 Aviation Headset (No Bluetooth)

Product Description

You won't find it cheaper anywhere else!

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There is a NEW CFI Rebate Program! See details below!

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Bose has updated the Bose A20 Aviation Headset. Updated Features Include:

  • Auto-On for aircraft powered (LEMO / XLR / Fischer) variants
  • Auto-Off improvements
  • Enhanced and expanded prioritization control
  • Improved Microphone
  • “Persistence” - headset remembers last state of operation
  • Improved markings and easier use

Bose was the first to introduce active noise reducing headsets to aviation more than 20 years ago, forever changing the way pilots fly. Now, the Bose A20 Aviation Headset introduces an entirely new standard.

The Bose A20 Headset has been engineered for significantly increased noise reduction in even louder environments. With an improved degree of comfort you’ll appreciate. All without compromising the clear audio you expect from Bose. Plus, it has an auxiliary audio input and priority switching. It meets or exceeds all TSO requirements. No other headset can deliver this advanced combination of benefits.

Even the Battery Box has been redesigned for greater comfort and control!

Key Benefits and Technology:

  • Significantly greater noise reduction for pilots than currently available.
  • Improved level of comfort achieved through choice of materials, distribution of weight throughout the headset
  • 1/3 less clamping force than most conventional noise reducing aviation headsets, and additional room for the ears.
  • Clear audio for enhanced communications.
  • Auxiliary audio input, also included by Bose for the first time!
  • Priority switching so pilots can decide which audio source they want to hear.
  • At least 40 hours of typical headset use from just two AA alkaline batteries.
  • Certified to FAA TSO-C139 and EASA ETSO-C139
  • All this, and these headsets still weigh only 12 ounces.
  • 5-Year Warranty

What’s included:

  • Bose A20 Aviation Headset
  • Deluxe Carry Case
  • 3.5 mm AUX audio cable
  • 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • 1 Clothing clip

Bose A20 Non-Bluetooth Headset Models:

  • G.A. Twin Plugs, Straight Cord (Bose Part# 324843-2020)
  • G.A. Twin Plugs, Coiled Cord (Bose Part# 324843-R020, 324843-X020)
  • Panel Powered (6-Pin LEMO) Connector, Straight Cord (Bose Part# 324843-2040)
  • Panel Powered (6-Pin LEMO) Connector, Coiled Cord (Bose Part# 324843-R040)
  • Helicopter (U-174/U) Plug, Straight Cord (Bose Part# 324843-2030)
  • Helicopter (U-174/U) Plug, Coiled Cord (Bose Part# 324843-0010 + 327070-R030, 324843-0010 + 327070-X030)
  • Airbus 5-Pin XLR Connector, Straight Cord (Bose Part# 324843-2070)
  • Military Mic/Plug, Straight Cord (Bose Part# 324843-W130)

RebateThere is now a NEW Bose CFI Rebate Program!

 You can qualify for a $100.00 Rebate from Bose if you purchase a Bose A20 Headset without Bluetooth:

  1. You must be a CFI and send a copy of your CFI Certificate and a copy of your most current logbook page,
  2. You must send a copy of your sales receipt to Bose within 45 days of purchase,
  3. Process your request on a special Bose Website. This site can be accessed by Clicking This Link

Limit of two rebates per CFI, valid in USA and Canada only, may not be combined with other Bose offers. 

Other Information

Part # 324843-2020, 324843-R020, 324843-X020, 324843-2040, 324843-R040, 324843-0010 + 327070-R030, 324843-0010 + 327070-X030, 324843-2070, 324843-2030, 324843-W130
Manufacturer Bose
Hearing Protection Active Noise Reduction
Stereo/Mono Stereo/Mono
TSO Approved? Yes
Warranty 5 Years
Size Adult

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Occupation / Rating:
Somewhat disappointed
  • I have had several pairs of Telex ANR headsets and a set of Lightspeed Mach 1's with custom earmoulds. I have always heard that the Bose were so superior and were the gold standard of ANR's. My old Mach 1's were having trouble staying in the ear moulds so I decided to bite the bullet and buy the Bose.
    My Mach 1's were every bit as effective with the ear moulds. I really can't tell any difference. I have read about pilots thinking the engine stopped when they turned on the ANR. They must have had different headsets than the one I bought or they were wildly exaggerating. They do cancel some noise-Yes, but not to the point that they are worth the extra $500 over the other brands. I would consider returning these to Bose but I have already applied for the CFI rebate and have already sold my old Mach 1's on Ebay.
    I have worn my old Mach 1's for over 9 hours with little discomfort. I'm not sure how I will feel after an equivalent amount of time with these earmuff headsets
    Regarding the lack of bluetooth, I have an intercom that inputs audio so I really didn't think the bluetooth feature was worth the extra money. I also felt that the more complex, the more problems to repair.
  • Cons: Cost, weight
Occupation / Rating:
Aircraft mecanics
Bose A20
  • I use it in my Kitfox IV and this helmet is really really good! Probably the best !
  • Pros: Incredible ANR, very light, perfect
  • Cons: MMhh??? nothing!
San Diego
Occupation / Rating:
retired, private pilot
Bose A20
  • Great ANL, comfort and resolution.
  • Pros: see above
  • Cons: cost
Occupation / Rating:
Airline pilot
Outstanding headset
  • I've used several headsets over the years flying 737's and this is by far the best. Most recently I've been using a DC Pro X and could never get the sound reduction I needed although it's a well made headset. After switching to the Bose I noticed a huge reduction in cockpit noise and feel less fatigued at the end of the day. Yes, it's expensive but I wish I'd bought one years ago. Highly recommend.
  • Pros: Noise reduction, comfort and clarity.
  • Cons: Price.
Occupation / Rating:
Retired Engineer
Yes and no
  • Excellent fit, audio is great and ANR is fantastic. My, bad, I did’t realize it would not talk to the cell phone through the mic. I will return it and get the blue tooth.
  • Pros: All the above
  • Cons: None
Buckinghamshire United Kingdom
Occupation / Rating:
Airport Fireman/Private Pilot
BOSE A20 Aviation Headset
  • Comfortable Headset, great noise reduction. Best headset I've had by a long way
  • Pros: Good ANR, Comfortable to wear
  • Cons: Expensive but worth it
Tahiti French Polynesia
Occupation / Rating:
Bose A20 headset no Bluetooth
  • The headset is what I was waiting for, light to wear, nice sound, comfortable
  • Pros: Great sound, comfortable
  • Cons: Expensive
SW Ohio
Occupation / Rating:
Capt A330
  • I'm an a330 Capt. It's a little bulky, but since I'm fighting existing hearing loss I use it throughout the flight.
    Sound quality is excellent. A couple of times the mic has gone dead, but I think that is because of the airbus adapter that I have to use. When I unplug/replug the connections it works.
  • Pros: Excellent ANR function and sound quality.
  • Cons: Bulky to carry and wear
Occupation / Rating:
Quality Manager
BOSE A20 Aviation Headset
  • Very prompt respond, simple purchasing process and fast delivery.
Atlanta, GA
Occupation / Rating:
Airline Pilot
Excellent Headset on CRJ
  • I have been using the Telex 850 for the past several years. When it became time to replace my headset I decided to spend over double the price and get the Bose A20. It was worth the extra price. In fact I wish I had purchased the Bose A20 years ago. I was worried that it might be "overkill" on a jet but they are awesome. Super quiet and comfortable. I wear them 6-8 hours a day, 4 days a week, and they are very comfortable on my head. ATC and Intercom/Cockpit Communication is in excellent clarity. They are quieter than the Telex and David Clark's that I have used in the past without using the ANR. When you turn on the ANR it is like... "Wow" I can't say enough about the Bose. If you are on the fence about your purchase like I was for spending the extra $$$$ then I suggest you bite the bullet. You will be glad you did.
  • Pros: Well worth the price, Excellent ANR technology, Very Comfortable
  • Cons: Expensive

Showing Reviews 11 - 20

Titusville, FL
Occupation / Rating:
EASA ATPL(H) Student
A new world
  • I'm a student pilot doing my EASA ATPL helicopter course. I previously used an old Alpha helmet without noise cancelling. It worked well enough but I had an incident in a helicopter experiencing a lot of static on the radio and also some leaking of the hearing protection in the helmet. So I decided to switch to the Bose and it's like a new world. The headset works great, the noise cancellation has made me relax more and I can now both enjoy the flying more and still feel more confident in the air knowing that I am more able to hear what I need to hear on the radio. The order from Marv was quick and easy and delivery was fast. I had heard of other students at my school (Bristow academy in FL) that bought bose from other sources and they all experienced the wrong product being delivered (straight cord when coiled was ordered) so I was a little concerned with that, but Marv Golden delivered exactly what I ordered and the coiled cord is really good to have. I have flown with a borrowed set with straight cord and it just gets in the way and is a small irritation. I would recommend anyone to order these from Marv. Thank you!
  • Pros: Light, Great noise cancellation, great fit,
St Louis, MO
Occupation / Rating:
Commercial Pilot/ATP
Bose vs David Clark
  • I'm a commercial pilot on E175. For 2 weeks I compared Bose A20 to David Clark DC Pro-x in a head to head in the cockpit. In the end, it was no comparison. Although the DC is smaller and more comfortable, the Bose A20 way outperformed DC in noise reduction. I'm keeping the Bose. The DC is on it's way back to the store.
  • Pros: noise reduction, comfort, quality
  • Cons: larger size than I'd prefer for everyday carry.
Yangon, Myanmar
Occupation / Rating:
First officer, Twin Otter
  • Expensive but worth it. Glad I bought it.
  • Pros: Lightweight and comfy and ANR quality is more than I expected.
  • Cons: Expensive
Bose A20 Aviation Headset (No Bluetooth)
  • excellent product and service/shipment
  • Pros: very good sound attenuation for my rotax engine, voice well highlighted / isolated from background noise
  • Cons: high price , but worth it
  • this headest is very successful. i recommend to aii pilots
Carlsbad, CA
Occupation / Rating:
Professor, Instrument Private
Bose A20 Headset
  • This headset is totally awesome. Put it on and forget it. No issues at all. I would recommend this headset to anyone.
  • Pros: great sound, good quietness
  • Cons: Price
Minneapolis, MN
Occupation / Rating:
Professional pilot/ATP
Bose A20 Headset Purchase
  • My order was professionally handled and promptly filled. The Marv Golden web site made it straightforward and uncomplicated to order this headset. The package arrived intact and the merchandise was in good condition. Product instructions were easy to follow and initialize the warranty. I now have about 10 hours flying time using this headset.
  • Pros: Comfortable to wear: light clamping force on ears and resting on my head.
  • Cons: A bit awkward to stow and remove from carrying case.
Morristown, NJ
Occupation / Rating:
Chief Pilot,Gulfstream/ ATP
Bose A-20 Headsets
  • Excellent replacement for our original Bose Headsets that were ten years old. The product and service from Marv Golden exceed my expectations. I ordered the units and they were promptly shipped for next day delivery in time for us to use them on our trip that day. The quality and feel of the A-20's are superior to the original Bose Headsets and that is hard to beat!
  • Pros: Lighter than the original units, Better constructed.
  • Cons: Expensive, but worth it.
It was a gift to a new pilot but he's said it is great - raved about the noise cancelling
  • I have a Light Speed which I like but am jealous and hope I get to try the Bose and maybe it'll be my next headset.
A tad heavy, but superb sound.
  • This is heavier than the UFlyMike combo. It is, however, comfortable with the sheepskin headband lining on an almost bald head. The cord length is perfect for the 757/767 cockpit and the cord gauge is heavy-duty. Use an elastic-type hanger to take the weight of the control module off your cord.

    After 12 days of Int'l flying, the light blinked through amber and now red so just replaced the first set of batteries. The light should have been designed solid green for normal ops, not blinking. Sound quality is superb. Volume can be turned very low; still excellent intelligibility. If you turn the inboard earcup low or off, the other pilot can normally be heard, otherwise skew the inboard earcup a tad and all is well.

    Pricey, but amortize it over the length of your career. (It is still pimpin' expensive!)

Showing Reviews 21 - 21

  • This is a very headset. I was using it yesterday. At the beginning I can not used to it due to it can reduce the engine noise so easily and obviously. Excellent !
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