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Skilcraft B3 Black/Red Aviator Pen

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Skilcraft B3 Black/Red Aviator Pen
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Product Description

The Skilcraft B3 Black/Red Aviator Pen was originally designed for military uniforms since the manufacturer received feedback that normal pens were too thick to fit into the small, narrow pockets found on the flight suits and BDUs.

They also found that many people (other than those in uniform) enjoy the heavy, all-metal feel of the pen and the three-in-one functionality! This pen has become one of our “surprise” best sellers!

The B3 Aviator multi-function pen includes black and red medium ball point ink cartridges and a 0.5mm pencil. The screw-top eraser fits tightly on the pencil top meeting all Foreign Object Damage (FOD) requirements. The all metal construction provides added durability. Pen includes a special finish that won't reflect light. Fits securely in a flight suit uniform pocket.


  • Triple Function Pen includes Black & Red, as well as 0.5mm Pencil
  • Secure, screw-top eraser
  • Slim Design- Flight Suit & Uniform Pocket Compatible
  • Non-Reflective Finish
  • Sturdy All Metal Construction with 3600 twist action
  • Precision Balanced
  • Specifically Designed for the Armed Forces
  • Includes 2 replacement ink cartridges – one Black, one Red
  • NSN: 7520-01-564-9906

Other Information

Part # 7520-01-564-9906
Model # PEN2500
Manufacturer Alphapointe
Warranty 1 Year

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Showing Reviews 1 - 10

Occupation / Rating:
  • A fantastically durable pen/pencil tool. In the medical community, the primary colors for writing are black, red, and pencil. This device (to call it a pen, seems to under-rate it) meets all expectations. I can write at odd angles, can be cleaned easily (don't ask from what) and has a nice weight and feel to the hand. This is important, particularly when you are loading a patient onto an EVAC helicopter with active down-draft from the blades. It's clip and weight permit it to stay in your pocket and not fly away and that your pencil eraser is secure and water tight.
  • Pros: See review
  • Cons: None
Occupation / Rating:
B3 pen
  • Great pen. Metal barrel is great for strength. The clip is strong. I also like the infinite turning, whether clockwise or counter-clockwise.
NJ, United States
Occupation / Rating:
IT by day/Civil Air Patrol senior Ops guy on the weekend
Good, useful pen - could be improved
  • It's a very nice pen, with good heft and feel. Mechanism to change (red/black/pencil) works smoothly and well. Smooth ink flow, doesn't smear (lefty here). I like the stark, flat back look of the pen.

    One improvement I would recommend is that they make the removable cap for the pencil eraser a tablet stylus -- THAT would make this pen great! (and earn it that fifth star)

    Otherwise, it's a quality pen, and a good value.
  • Pros: Good heft & feel, Attractive appearance, smooth ink flow
  • Cons: Removable eraser cap should be a tablet stylus
United States
Occupation / Rating:
Aircraft Structures
"7-Level Pen"
  • I like it. The price on this website is better than anywhere else I've seen it so I bought it here. Used as a traditional gift for enlisted maintainers receiving their 7-level certification. I bought a new one for myself and a second one to give to my troop when he completes his cert.
  • Pros: 3 colors most commonly used for military aircraft documentation
  • Cons: I prefer 0.9mm pencils but this one had yet to break lead... I wish the clip held my pocket tighter
New Jersey
Occupation / Rating:
Retired Naval Aviator (USN & USMC)
B3 Aviator pen/pencil
  • Outstandingly good writing instrument. Compact enough to fit nicely into a uniform/flightsuit pocket. Very solid, robust mechanism and writes perfectly all the time. Pencil and eraser are excellent.
  • Pros: great price, top quality construction, mechanism works perfectly.
  • Cons: none
United States
  • I remember the first time I was issued this pen back in '09, this is the single greatest invention for the flightline since enlisted personnel. More powerful than a ProSuper, quicker than QA on the hunt for DSV's, this pen single-handedly saved the world from an alien invasion on the Fourth of July. Buy it, and you'll be the hero, the hero you were meant to be.
great pen/pencil combo
  • Excellent device, this site has them for cheaper than anywhere i've found. Its the same exact one from amazon or other sites. Comes with red and black refills also.
  • Cons: none
Very handy pen/pencil
  • This is a great item if you have a child in school or a husband who always needs a pen or pencil. My daughter finds it so nice to be able to write with the black pen then quickly change it to red for correcting. Also, very nice to be able to change to pencil when that's called for. It saves her from having 3 different writing utensils on the desk and time having to look for something else. Bought it for my two nieces as birthday gifts for that same ease. It's also very nice that this all comes in a sleek design with no bulk at all.
  • Pros: 3-in-1 can be beat, slim and sleek design
  • Cons: small eraser
Ft. Myers, FL.
Occupation / Rating:
Best Pen Ever
  • This is the second time I have ordered these pens from here. They work great and having two colors and a pencil, keeps me from having to dig through my flight bag. The only con I can come up with is, that it will leak if you leave it in the Florida heat.
Califon, NJ
Occupation / Rating:
Engineer (retired); Naval Aviator (Fighter/Attack, carrier based) retired; ATP
Aviator pen
  • Fantastic product! Slim, robust metal tube with all 3 writing options inside. easy to select the option you want, fits beautifully in flight suit pen/pencil pockets and other pocket holders on backpacks, map cases, etc.
  • Pros: robust construction; compact, easy to use, writes beautifully
  • Cons: none.

Showing Reviews 11 - 20

New York, NY
Can't Kill 'em
  • I accidentally washed and dried my B3 the other day and after a squirt of WD-40 and some twisting, good as new. The B3 is the perfect balance of weight and strength as well as having good pen balance in the hand for writing.

    I fitted mine with a conductive rubber cap from a give=away pen and now use it on touch screens as well.

  • Pros: Durable, slim, 3-color
  • Cons: tiny eraser, no touch screen end cap available as for some expensive pens - make your own!
Perfect pilot pen!
  • As a military pilot, this pen is perfect for the paperwork that I fill out on a daily basis. It is a great design for inside and outside the jet.
Very happy so far.
  • After a slightly heart stopping moment where I nearly lost it on the first day, I've been very happy with this pen. Certainly comes in handy having 3-in-1 in your pocket.
Best Pen I Have!!
  • I got two of this pens when I was deployed in Kandahar Afghanistan. I am Avionics Mechanic and i used this pen everyday. It always fitted in my flight suit pockets and always good to have the RED Black and pencil combination in one. Now everything as far as records have changed to computers, but back when everything was done on paper, The forms required some things written in red some in black ink and some in pencil. No kidding, that was the requirement and this pen was made perfect for aviators and Techs..
    After all these years I still have the very first pen i had and still use it at work. Now my coworkers know what i say "don't mess with my pen".
Best pen for flying and the office!
  • This is the best pen I've used and it beats having to carry multiple pens/pencils around. Trying to find them in bulk for gifts over the holidays!
Great pen
  • Fits perfect in my flight suit sleeve & writes nicely.
Great product, excellent service, expensive shipping.
  • I've been using these pens for a couple of years and find them useful. Marv Golden provides excellent service, but shipping to Switzerland is expensive.
Great Pen
  • This is the best pen for the Army. Slim enough to fit int sleeve pocket. As a PBO, I like having black ink to sign documents, red ink to make corrections standout, and I replaced the black lead with red lead for posting changes. The only downfall is that the mechanical pencil has quit working on all my pens. I can get replacement ink in both red and black, but I wish I could get a replacement end for the pencil. Oh well, I am getting ready to open up a new one. Oh, since this has an NSN, it makes it easier for your GPC holder to get these through the system for you.
Forgot to add something
  • Don't wash this pen though, the ink cartridges are not sealed on the end, so they leak pretty badly if washed, and will gum up the pen, but if that happens, soak all the inked up parts in rubbing alcohol and it will remove the ink.

Showing Reviews 21 - 30

Awesome Pen/cil
  • Love this pen/cil. Found one in my old desk at Moody AFB, used it and loved it. Lost it unfortunately, but just had to have another. Good quality, writes well, handy as can be with the black/red/led. A must for military use! Works well for mx writing up or clearing symbols in forms as well as aircrew on mission. I highly recommend.
outstanding product
  • durable, well designed, reasonably priced... what more could you ask for in a pen.
  • As an active duty Marine, this pen is Amazing! Very reliable and the three different functions always come in handy! Thank you for having it in stock.
Excellent Pen at an excellent price
  • I like multi-function pens/pencils, and this one is excellent. It will easily fit in the pen loop on my kneeboard strap. Marv Golden has the best price on this that I found on the internet.
Awesome pen!
  • I received this pen from a relative for Christmas 2 years ago and it served me well until I lost it last month. Bought it again--be warned, people WILL try to take it. I've started to carry around two pens: this one for my personal use and the other one to loan out to people. Makes a great gift!
All you need!
  • Outstanding pen for flightline guys! Always on the move in need of a red/black pen and pencil. The B3 Aviator covers it all without taking up 3 pen slots. The clip is durable and holds securely so you don't have to worry about it falling out when in the mix. If you don't have one yet, get one!
Excellent service and product
  • Excellent service and product
Great pen- so slim for having 2 coloured inks plus a pencil in there- great design!
  • Great pen- so slim for having 2 coloured inks plus a pencil in there- great design!
    I had a Lamy pen/pencil for many years but I unfortunately lost it and as they don't make the model any more I could not find any other multi pens that were not too big and fat- until now of course. It feels solid and well made. Very happy with finding this pen on-line.
  • awesome pen. Would recommend it to anyone.
great pen for doing forms.
  • Its a great pen for doing forms, but where can one get replacement ink cartridges? I have used the replacements that came with the pen.
    Webmaster's Note: Replacement Cartridges are available in "Related Products" to the right when you're on the product page.

Showing Reviews 31 - 35

Best pen for my Army uniform!
  • This is one bad ass pen, if they were a little cheaper I'd buy one for all my soldiers.
My Favorite Pen!
  • This is the greatest pen I've ever used. It's thin enough to fit in my pocket, but still has the heavier metal feel a pen should have. It writes in black and red and in pencil. Since I bought one I never use another pen and I keep one on me at all times!!
  • I was blessed to find one of these pens on the aircraft. Its the longest I have ever held on to a pen (almost 4 months) I lost it today because I let somebody borrow it... HE LEFT IT ON A DESK IN PLAIN SIGHT AND IT WAS SWIPED!!! I went around and asked everyone but I no one "SAID" they had it. I'm so disappointed...He better buy me a new one before this deployment is up.
Best pen ever used
  • I retired from the Air Force 2 years ago after 22 years of service, 17 of which were spent in flying positions. My original B3 pen is now dented and worn from years of use, and it is time to order. Although I no longer wear a flight suit (they are ideally suited for flight suits and BDUs), I've chosen to order B3s for my company because they present a professional image, have superb balance and weight, and are incredibly versatile (pencil, black, and red ink). They have the feel of a much more expensive pen.

    Thank you for offering the B3! I was afraid I would not be able to find any now that I am in the civilian world.

A Maintainer's Best Friend
  • As an aircraft maintainer in the US Air Force, I have a daily -- if not near-constant -- need for a black pen, red pen, and a pencil. I was fortunate enough to be issued one of these pens while deployed. It became a treasured piece of equipment, and was constantly in danger of being permanently borrowed, if you know what I mean.

    The metal did end up showing scratches, but despite numerous drops, crunches, and other forms of unintentional abuse, it still kept working. In the time I owned it, I did not have any problems with the clip coming off. And the screw on eraser cap meant that it wouldn't come loose and lost on accident.

    Highly recommend for anyone in or out of service, for its durability and multi-use design.
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