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David Clark DC PRO-XA ANR/ENC Airbus Headset

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David Clark DC PRO-XA ANR/ENC Airbus Headset
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David Clark DC PRO-XA ANR/ENC Airbus Headset

Product Description

Leading edge technology and sleek, supra aural design puts the new DC PRO-XA a generation ahead of any other aviation headset in its class.

The David Clark DC PRO-XA ANR/ENC Airbus Headset is the perfect combination of comfort and performance. From its feather-light yet extremely rugged magnesium alloy headband and suspension system, to its best-in-class Hybrid noise cancelling technology and Bluetooth compatibility, you simply won’t find a better headset or a better value.

This DC PRO-XA Airbus Headset terminates in a 5-Pin XLR Airbus connector. This will not work in a standard 2-Plug G.A. panel without an adapter.

This headset provides all the same features and performance of the DC PRO-X, but comes with a 5-pin (Airbus) connector, and does receive power from the aircraft in order to power the Active Noise Canceling feature of the headset.


Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancelling features not one, but two microphones – one located on the exterior of the dome and isolated from the speaker (feed-forward) and a second internal microphone placed near the speaker (feed-back). The exterior microphone acquires the noise before it gets to the ear canal. Working in concert with the internal microphone, the signals are then inverted to produce a reverse, ‘anti-noise’ signal, resulting in unsurpassed active noise reduction performance.


  • Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancellation with advanced feed-forward and feed-back technology provides best-in-class active noise reduction
  • Dual voice coil drivers provide fail safe operation to ensure full communication in the event of battery loss or system failure
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) ensures high-fidelity audio for superior communications and music listening
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology provides seamless integration for connecting to cell phones, MP3, tablets or other personal electronic devices
  • Stereo/mono switch
  • M-55 electret microphone with enhanced noise cancelling
  • Rugged yet lightweight magnesium alloy headband and suspension is adjustable for personalized fit
  • Low profile, leatherette head pad with breathable, vented design eliminates 'hot spots'
  • Dura-stitched, leatherette ear seals with slow recovery foam cradle the ears in comfort and eliminate heat buildup
  • Compact, in-line control module with backlit, touch key user interface controls On/Off, Bluetooth® wireless technology and volume control
  • Audio Mute – Reduces auxiliary audio volume and prevents missed communications
  • Control module powered by two (2) AA batteries for up to 50 hours of use
  • "Dark Mode" to turn off LEDs on Control Module for night flying
  • Collapsible, folding design for compact storage in David Clark headset bag (included)
  • Weight (without cord assembly) 7.5 oz.
  • TSO-C139 Approved
  • Five-year warranty backed by industry leading customer service 


  • Pro-XA Headset
  • Belt Clip
  • David Clark Headset Bag


Performance Features:

Supra-Aural Design Lightweight, comfortable design with excellent passive and active attenuation
Hybrid Electronic Noise Cancellation Provides best-in-class active noise cancellation
Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Seamless integration for connection to cell phones, MP3, tablets or other personal devices
Rotating Boom Microphone Allows for easy placement in left or right side positions
Dual Volume Controls Touch-key provides selectable volume levels
Dual Voice Coil Earphone Drivers Provide Fail-Safe Operation Ensures full communication in the event of battery loss or system failure
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Technology Provides high fidelity audio for superior communications and music listening
Audio Mute Reduces auxiliary audio volume and prevents missed communications
Stereo/Mono Selection Compatible with all aircraft audio panel configurations
XLR Airbus Connector Terminates in an XLR Airbus Connector
Five-Year Warranty Backed by industry leading customer service 
FAA TSO C-139 Meets or exceeds all TSO requirements

Other Information

Part # 43100G-04
Model # DC PRO-XA
Manufacturer David Clark
Termination Type Airbus: XLR Connector
Hearing Protection Active Noise Reduction
Stereo/Mono Stereo/Mono
Aircraft Type Pro/Commercial
TSO Approved? Yes
Warranty 5 Years
Size Adult

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Occupation / Rating:
A320 Captain
  • I purchased the DC headset to replace a Telex 5x5 that I’ve been using for over 8 years. I was using an ear mold so I was hesitant to go to a full headset.

    I can’t believe the difference (or what I’ve been missing) now that I have two earcups! The audio quality is great. The headband is very light. I don’t feel “pressure or heat” from the pad. I work mostly day time pairings and wear sunglasses. The ear pads are very soft and with a very minor adjustment, work great together.

    The metal components appear to be rugged while being lightweight; good combination for weekly airline use. The wires, jacks, connections and seals also look to be quality (vs some of the other manufacturers (see telex 750)).

    The ONLY complaint is the headset cups don’t rotate 90° to lay “flat” (like a BOSE headset) ... but the on-the-ear cups are not that big. The softsided case that comes with the headset still stows easily.

    I have a noise canceling product that I use while commuting and the noise canceling on this is very comparable. The Bluetooth pairing works well too (although I only tried if for a few minutes). The audio (music and phone) were clear and easy to use.

    The headset manual states it is directly powered thru the 5-pin jack. I look forward to a longer test of the noise canceling power supply.

    I would definitely recommend this headset.
  • Pros: Rugged construction LightweightComfortableQuiet
  • Cons: Cups do not rotate to stow flat.
Occupation / Rating:
I wanted to love this headest...
  • I was happy with my DC 13.4s which never failed me in 15 years, and was excited to try this headest in an E-175. The 5 point plug powers both the noise cancelling and the bluetooth, even though DC literature says it doesn't. This headset was surprisingly comfortable except for some issues with glasses. My first leg was a three+ hr flt and I never felt the headband at all, and the ear pads are infinitely adjustable, so if part of my ear started to get warm, it was easy to move the pressure around. Bluetooth works great, although the audio quality is not on par with the A20 that I tried before this.
    I ran in to two problems with this headset. The on ear design is harder for someone like me who wears glasses. I never had a problem with over the ear headsets with glasses, but it was a definite point of discomfort on the ProX. I ended up tipping my glasses up so the arms were above the earpads but wasn't crazy about that set up. The other problem was a subtle rumbling sound that seemed most prevalent on the ground, but continued in the air. It was the noise cancelling fighting against something in the plane; I ended up turning the noise cancelling off most of the time because the rumbling was so annoying. Noise cancelling worked great sitting on my couch at home, but in the plane it rumbled. I spent some time on the phone with DC engineers and tried every possible adjustment to get the noise cancelling to work better, but to no avail. I returned this.
    It is very light and compact, and seemingly a lot more durable than most light weight headsets.
  • Pros: Light, durable, DC reliability
  • Cons: On ear design problematic with eyeglasses.
Occupation / Rating:
FO / A320
Fantastic headset that delivers
  • I recently transitioned from turboprops to the Airbus 320, but after a month of using the company provided Sennheiser HME46 headset, I realised quickly that I needed something better for my ears. Whilst my last audiogram was fine, I have noticed my hearing isn’t as sharp in noisy situations and found myself missing/mishearing radio calls in amongst the wind, engine and avionic fan noise.

    Over the last 5 years I had been using the Lightspeed Zulu, an amazing headset which I was reluctant to part with, but I had to be honest - it was just a little too big for the Airbus. I wanted something smaller, lighter and with an on-ear design.

    The ANR delivered by the DC Pro is perfect for the jet, so much so I don’t even want to take it off in the cruise. Even with the ANR switched off, the passive noise reduction is still far better than the HME46’s. The headset ANR has a certain sweet spot – you have to make sure it is placed on your ears in a certain way so that it is creating a seal over your ear canal in order to maximise the ANR. I remember reading other reviews about this and thought it sounded annoying, but you’ll figure out the perfect position on your first flight and it’ll become second nature after that. I don’t even think about it now.

    Whilst researching the headset, I also had concerns that during periods where the intercom was switched off (e.g. pushback) that I wouldn’t be able to hear the other pilot with the headset ANR on. However as I mentioned with the sweet spot above, if you just move one of the ear cups slightly off your ear, it will reduce the ANR enough so you can hear your co-pilot without having to strain your ears.

    The build is solid and robust, and it is extremely comfortable to wear all day without squeezing your head like the old DC’s we used when we learnt to fly. There are no hot spots to speak of, and wearing sunglasses doesn’t affect headset at all. The Bluetooth music function works as advertised for those back of the clock duties to keep you awake.

    If I have but one complaint, it’s purely cosmetic – I really wish they had an option to buy it in black as I think it looks a little more professional for the airline environment. I don’t know why David Clark insist on forcing their baby-poo green colour onto every single headset they make!

    All in all, I’m extremely happy with my purchase and never thought I’d find a headset I enjoyed wearing as much as my Zulu’s. I finish a long day now with so much more energy – it’s amazing how straining to hear for 10 hours over the roar of the aircraft wears you down. Do yourself a favour and your ears will thank you. Highly recommend it! A+
Occupation / Rating:
Captain A320
Quiet enough
  • Lightweight with low clamping force. Not as quiet as the Bose A20 but quiet enough for flying an A320 and easier to keep in your bag.
    You need to have the headset sitting in the "right place" over your ears otherwise the noise cancelling is noticeably worse.
    Not sure how they would perform in the louder B737 that I used to fly where the Bose was excellent.
  • Pros: Lightweight, Very little clamping force, Good ANR
  • Cons: No passive noise cancelling if you run out of batteries
Boston, MA
Occupation / Rating:
  • I fly the A320 for a U.S. carrier, and am very satisfied with the performance of this headset. I have tried all the "big name" ANC headsets, and also the lightweight in-ear styles. This David Clark is the best so far, at least for my head shape and ears. It is lightweight, well constructed, and the noise cancelling is fantastic (but again, the shape/size of your head directly affects the performance of an ANC headset, so your results may vary).
  • Pros: light, durable, well constructed, comfortable.
  • Cons: Pricey? You get what you pay for!
Occupation / Rating:
ATR Captain
Thanks david clark
  • Excellent headsets very popular among my co workers i cant hear that bluetooth buzz people talks about, excellent sound when playing music, i am a big head guy and feels really confortable, i dont like extreme noise attenuation just in case i hear an abnormal cockpit airplane related noise, so this headset is just perfect.
  • Pros: Everything
Excellent Quality, price and functions
  • I have been using this headsets in an A-320 and I found them absolutely great, excellent Bluetooth functions, comfortable and really good sound and microphone quality, great deal for the price paid! Thanks Dan for your recommendation!
It's very nice design With good quality .
  • I'm a airbus a300 pilot and i'm34 years old but due to high cockpit noise my hearing was low . So i decided buy one of this headset.
  • excellent headset. no extra adapter needed. no need to use the handmike for making PAs. The mic is excellent.

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