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Clarity Aloft Aviation Headset

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Clarity Aloft Aviation Headset
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Clarity Aloft Aviation Headset

Product Description

Special Offer: Marv gives you an EXTRA set of Standard-Sized Comply Tips - FREE!

This is the original "Classic" Clarity Aloft Headset!

Clarity Aloft Aviation Headsets have merged the most advanced technologies from the fields of hearing science, aviation communications, and performance audio into a streamlined design.

This Headset has the following features:

  • Full-spectrum noise reduction in a passive noise attenuation system.
  • No Batteries required!
  • Self-molding Comply Canal™ Tips perform better than custom earmolds!
  • Comfortable for all-day use.

Each Headset comes with:

  • Semi-rigid case with black ballistic nylon in a packable size.
  • 6 month supply of Comply Canal™ Tips (6 pairs of Standard Size, 1 Pair of Slim, 1 Pair of Extra Large)!
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 3-year manufacturer's warranty

The Clarity Aloft headsets employ patented Comply™ Canal Tips, composed of soft viscoelastic foam, the same foam tips used in advanced hearing aids. More than simple earplugs, these foam tips provide full spectrum noise reduction: 35-45dB of attenuation. This advanced technology has been lab tested to prove that viscoelastic passive noise reduction (VPNR) is superior to active noise reduction (ANR), especially in the speech frequencies, precisely where clarity of sound and hearing protection is most needed for aviation communications.

Features and benefits:

  • Built to be rugged with professional Flight Instructors and Aviation Professionals in mind
  • Clarity of sound that is unsurpassed
  • Lightweight, cool and comfortable
  • Hygienic replaceable foam tips, compliant to each individual ear
  • High quality components tested to military specifications
  • Professional grade microphone
  • Stereo/Mono capability with MP-3/Ipod input
  • No batteries are required

The Earpieces
The Clarity Aloft earpieces are used to improve both hearing protection and speech communications. Each earpiece includes a miniature speaker that reproduces speech signals from the aircraft audio system. The replaceable compliant foam tips (Comply™ Canal Tips) which attach to the earpiece contain a pathway for the sound to travel from the transducer to the ear. Used by the military for helicopter pilots, both components of the earpiece, the transducer and Comply Canal Tips, have been tested, used rigorously and meet the most exacting military standards.

Replaceable Foam Tips included
The superior seal is achieved with the patented Comply™ Canal Tips, which are used in high-end hearing aids. These viscoelastic foam tips provide the highest level of hearing protection available by any method including active noise reduction (ANR). The outstanding noise reduction (35-45dB) in the speech frequencies between 400 to 4,000 Hz results in unsurpassed clarity of voice communications. Resembling foam earplugs, the foam tips are so comfortable because they are compliant to the shape of the ear. Considerable sound science history backs up their impressive performance. Technical specifications on our viscoelastic passive noise reduction (VPNR) are included in the Owner’s Guide.

The Noise-Canceling Microphone
The noise-canceling microphone used in the Clarity Aloft Headset is a high fidelity noise canceling Electret Condenser microphone with performance optimized for speech frequencies in extremely high noise environments. Stage performers and musicians use this same microphone because they must insist on the highest level of sound reproduction.

Dual Electret Microphone
Mic Elements face 180 degrees apart: one faces forward, one faces the mouth. Sound that enters both elements is cancelled. Sound that enters the mouth side mic is amplified.

Low-Profile Headband
With its flexible boom arm, this featherweight band is the same one sported by stage musicians and professional performers the world over. Balance and comfort are the result of its elegantly simple design. The mic boom can be easily re-positioned for eating and drinking during flight without disturbing your earpieces.

Music Input
The Clarity Aloft Stereo Headset is also equipped with a music input in the volume control box that will accommodate most music devices through a 1/8 inch plug. Be sure that the volume of the music device is set at minimum before connecting to the headset.

Clarity Aloft Comparison Table:



Aloft Link

Pro Plus

Dual Balanced Armature Speakers
29-47 dB Noise Reduction
Head Weight Under 2 oz
Dual Electret Microphone
Mic Boom in Front of Ear
Music Input
Bluetooth Music & Phone Use
Auto-Mute Music
No Batteries Required
TSO Certification from FAA    

Other Information

Manufacturer Aloft Technologies
Termination Type General Aviation: Standard Two Plugs
Hearing Protection In-Ear
Stereo/Mono Stereo/Mono
Aircraft Type General Aviation
TSO Approved? No
Warranty 3 Years

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Occupation / Rating:
121 Pilot
Great headset
  • These are lightweight and very comfortable. The 175 isn't what a would call a quiet flight deck. All the fans to keep George happy are really loud. These things block out all that noise.
Sfo based
Occupation / Rating:
Airline pilot/ATP
Exactly what i expected
  • Great headset for the airline pilot. Small, compact and light. I previously used LIghtspeed Zulu 2 and loved that headset. But with all that i travel with was a little bulky. The Clarity aloft headset is perfect. Takes up no space and is comfortable to wear all day. Earplugs take getting used to but block noise out just as good if not better.
  • Pros: Everything
  • Cons: Squeezes tops of ears a bit. Shouldnt have a problem if your ears arent big like mine
Occupation / Rating:
B-737 Captain
Clarity Aloft
  • I was initially very excited to try these but returned them after only a couple trips. I fly the B-737 professionally and the noise cancelling properties of these were very nice. I also like not having the head band on top of my head like traditional headsets. The two primary problems I encountered with these were the reverb way I could hear myself talk with a earplug style of head phone. It is exactly the same if I were to wear regular earplugs or just plug my ears with my fingers. I don't care for the way you can hear yourself talk inside your head.

    Secondly I found it very annoying not being able to pivot or swing the mic up and over to the side of my head when eating or taking a drink of water and then being able to swing it back down and have it in perfect position. Only being able to bend the mic out of the way and then have to reposition it every time became cumbersome.

    quality was very good though and the earbuds have the improved beefed up area where the wire goes in so I don't think there will be the problems I read about in the past about that being a weak point in the design.
  • Pros: Light weight & no head band on top of your head
  • Cons: no rotating swing up mic
Coral Springs Fl
Occupation / Rating:
Airline pilot
  • So far very please with my purchase, i try them 4 times
  • Pros: Light weightComfortable
  • Cons: Mic location is on the Left only
Mexico City
Occupation / Rating:
E190 PIC
Good headset
  • I am a professional pilot who flies 90 hours a month, been an airman 750 user for the past 25 years, and last four years, I started flying a very loud cockpit airplane, Erj 145 for three years and E 190 the last year (I flew the A 320 for ten years, where you can have a conversation airborne without headsets). These four years, used the 750's with ear foams, since I didn't like the bulky style from most ANR headsets, and after a long research i decided to give a try to this Clarity's.
    Well, although they are not the "fantastic", "amazing" or "superb" headsets I was expecting, they are good, much better sound than my ear foamed 750s of course.
    What is really "fantastic", "amazing" AND "superb", it's Marv Golden service, i will state it briefly.
    After using my headset for the FIRST time, they worked ok for the first leg, after that, the right ear side started fading out, everything was set correctly, but this continue to happen through.
    Called Marv Golden, told them the problem, NO MORE QUESTIONS ASKED, and sent me a new set with a Fedex return sticker for the defective set.
    New set is working Ok.
    Thanks to staff members, Keith and Tyson.
  • Pros: Good sound quality, lightweight, no headsets hairmarks anymore.
  • Cons: They look fragile, specially the sound box, time will tell...
Great headset
  • Bought this as an upgrade from my passive DC headset. I debated about going with Lightspeed's Zulu PFX, and am glad I chose clarity. The price is half the cost of the PFX, and the headset weighs much less. While it lacks ANR, this in-ear headset creates such a great seal that the PNR is better than my old PNR DC.
Great Purchase - GA PPL SEL
  • Purchased this headset after a lot of research. I have only had about 5 hours of flight, so can't comment on long term durability. I wear cap and sunglasses/glasses on a regular basis. Had a pilot tell me these were just for Commercial Pilots, but took a chance anyway, besides it has 30 day trial. Easy on, Easy off, crystal clear comms. Even CFI mentioned it during review. I'm used to wearing foamies in the ear, and glasses resting on my ears, so no pain for me, and I get to wear my hat and any of my glasses comfortably. The CA doesn't get caught on the shoulder belt, and if clipped right at the collar with some slack, stays solid on head turns in every direction. Quiet, but still get good feedback from the engine. It takes a couple seconds for the foam to expand, so be patient, it will work. Nothing against over-the-ear headsets, there are some great ones, but this turned out perfect for me. I thought about bluetooth, but realized I don't need that distraction (phone), and has music input, but won't bother with that unless on long x-ctrys. I'm up there to fly anyway and get away from that. All IMHO.
Very Good. Replaced Bose A20
  • After years of clamp style headsets, sweaty ears, and headaches I finally had enough. I am a professional airline pilot, so I can wear headsets for 8 hours a day sometimes, and I use headsets at least 4 days a week. I started out with the David Clarks, moved on to the Bose A20, and then a couple years ago people started wearing these in the cockpit. My curiosity got the better of me and a FO let me try his pair for a flight. In short, I Sold my A20s and never looked back.

    If you wear glasses then these Clarity Aloft Headsets are quieter than the Bose ANR. How is this possible? Well. Eye Glasses stems break the seal on the ear molds, allowing noise to get in. Even with the ANR, while wearing sunglasses or regular vision glasses, significant noise slips through. Not to mention the added pressure of the Stem being pushed against your head by the ear molds! This is not a problem with clarity aloft as the headsets can be worn with glasses easily, with neither interfering with the other.

    One drawback on these headsets is that the ear piece audio cables are very very thin. This is probably to keep weight down, but after enough bending, they will likely have to be serviced as this is probably the weakest link of the whole headset. Another gripe, is that these ear audio cables are about 5 mm too short, resulting in thin wires pressing up against the back of your ear skin unless positioned perfectly. This might not annoy most people. But, after several hours of flying, you can develop sore spots on your ears where the headsets rest and the wires touch skin.

    In short. Quieter than the Bose A20. Cheaper. And most importantly, more comfortable. They are not perfect, but they are close.
Very happy with headset!
  • Yes, the headset is not your typical type, but works great! I fly a C182 & the noise reduction from this set is excellent - better than anything I've worn. Recently bought & returned an ANR (Sierra) set because I didn't think it was that great, although ANR seemed to be the "must have". I do wear a cap (& glasses) most of the time flying, so that might have hurt the ANR's performance. Obviously, the in-ear system is not effected by caps & glasses. Another big advantage is not having a hot, sweaty head from wearing an over the ear set in hot weather!

    For me, this headset is very comfortable to wear, and audio is very clear. Bulk is gone, and mic stays in place just like on other headsets. I have not had any discomfort or problems physically adjusting this set. Quality is very good, & doesn't seem too fragile.

    My only two complaints are 1) the price, as it just doesn't seem like this headset should cost so much, and 2) it takes a little longer to put this headset on......but if you do shooting activities, you'll know what to expect.
Unique in all ways
  • Amazing piece of item, truly impressed with the sound quality. I would highly recommend it,if your are searching for quality and comfort.

Showing Reviews 11 - 16

I'm extremely pleased with them!
  • I have used them now for 10 hours and I'm extremely happy that I bought them. They are silence and can be used together with sunglasses. I bought additional small plugs but the normal one actually fits pretty good.

    I even borrowed them to a friend and he decided to buy a pair as well!!
Amazingly comfortable!
  • I am a student pilot and have been complaining about over the ear headsets since I started flying. I can't believe that these headsets exist and aren't more popular. They have great sound fidelity; noise canceling is amazing; and so comfortable that you don't know they are there. I would surmise they are not for the rough and ready kind of person who doesn't want something to take care with as they are pretty unsubstantial. But, they come with a nice case that should keep them in good shape if they are stored that way. This headset has made my flying experience so much more comfortable. Great store to buy from: fast free shipping and extra earpieces included that others charge extra for.
Very comfortable
  • I fly for a regional airline and have worked this headset pretty hard over the years. I love this headset. The only drawback is that the wires are fairly delicate and with a lot of handling, you will get shorts.
Outstanding performance!!
  • I've been using Clarity Aloft headsets for the last 4 years and think will be hard to change to another kind of aviation headset. they are comfortable, quiet , light, good fidelity , It is very god for me not to have batteries running out and still having the same quality of comm. Highly recommendable gadget !!!
Beyond impressed.....
  • Just got this headset August 6th from Marv. Picked it up at the store in person. First off: There is a reason I have been buying from Marv over the years...Product and customer support. Was running late arriving in town on a trip and was rushing to get to the store and knew I would late. I called and they offered to stay till I got there. Nice!! Got great info on the headset and decided to try. WOW!! This headset is everything I was looking for at HALF the price of a Bose. Granted I already fly with 2 in our Citation Excel. And they are great. But......the Clarity Headset is quieter. Period. And way more comfortable. The audio is better. The workmanship is fantastic. Just got done with a 4 hour trip to Chicago and the only way I knew i was wearing it was I could hear ATC and the intercom. Feather-light. FANTASIC. THANKS MARV GOLDEN!!!
Who needs ANR?
  • These headsets are so lightweight, its like you aren't even wearing them! The comfortable eartips completely block out all the cabin and engine noise. I can't believe I didn't buy these a long time ago. Imagine flying without any headset weight on your head. Great Product!
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