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Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset

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Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset
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Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset

Product Description

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Introducing the Bose ProFlight Professional Aviation Headset with new features designed for airline and corporate flight decks.

Designed for the professional pilot, the Bose® ProFlight is the smallest and most comfortable aviation headset Bose has ever produced, with many new features designed specifically for airline and corporate aircraft flight decks. With an on-head weight of 4.9 ounces, the new Bose ProFlight Aviation Headset is designed for long-term comfort and is Bose’s most innovative headset yet.

Please Note: The Bose ProFlight Headset is intended for quieter turbine powered aircraft (such as Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, Gulfstream, Bombardier, etc.).

It is NOT intended for use in General Aviation aircraft like Cessna 172s or Caravans. Nor is it intended for use in ATRs, Dash-8s, Q-400s etc.

*** Please see the "Videos" tab for important videos on how to set-up and use your new Bose ProFlight Headset! ***


  • On-Head Weight of 4.9 ounces
  • 3 levels of user selectable active noise cancellation
  • Active equalization to improve incoming transmissions
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • Talk-through tap control for communication with those outside the intercom
  • Full function Bluetooth® connectivity with smartphones, tablets or EFBs
  • 3 Sizes of ear tips

The ProFlight Headset is FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a certified and meets all applicable ARINC standards.

Key Benefits and Technology:

  • Long term comfort over extended flights. Bose’s smallest, lightest, most comfortable headset yet.
  • 4.9 ounces on-head weight. Helps enhance comfort over long periods of use.
  • Electret noise cancelling mic. For perfectly clear transmissions.
  • Optimized audio. Active equalization clarifies incoming audio.
  • Digital active noise cancellation. Reduces ambient noise, allowing users to lower radio volume.
  • Bluetooth® connectivity and audio prioritization. Connect wirelessly to mobile devices, audio systems and electronic flight bags. Audio prioritization allows users to mix Bluetooth audio with intercom audio, or have intercom transmissions temporarily mute Bluetooth.
  • Automatic shutoff. Headset powers down automatically when not in use.
  • Exceptional battery life. Two AA batteries power approximately 45 hours of use without Bluetooth and at least 25 hours with Bluetooth on.
  • Replaceable silicone eartips. Easily removed and replaced without tools.
  • Long-term durability. Designed and tested for demanding environments
  • Bose Connect app. An enhanced way to enable Bluetooth audio sharing, manage connections, pair and unpair, rename devices. Updateable and scalable with continuously developed features.
  • Long term durability. Built and tested for use in demanding environments.
  • Three-year warranty. Worldwide, coverage. Excludes normal wear parts such as the eartips, mic cover and headband.

Features for Airline and Corporate Flight Decks:

  • User selectable noise cancellation. Customize noise reduction to meet your needs.
  • Tap control for talk-through communication. Double-tap either earbud to hear outside audio without removing the headset.
  • Bypass communications mode. Provides primary intercom audio with or without power to the headset.
  • FAA TSO & E/TSO-C139a certified.
  • Multiple plug types. ProFlight is available in a twin plug, 5 pin XLR, or 6 pin LEMO plug configurations.
  • Quick release side swappable mic and cable. Attach on either side – no tools required.

What’s Included:

  • ProFlight Aviation Headset
  • Carry case
  • 2 AA batteries (included)
  • Control module holder
  • Clothing Clips
  • 3 sizes of StayHear+ Sport tips (S, M, L)


ProFlight Aviation Headset (sliders not extended):8.43" H x 6.34" W x 3.15" D (4.9 oz on head)

Available Models:

  • Twin Plugs, Straight Cord (Bose Part# 789812-3020)
  • Panel Powered (6-Pin LEMO) Connector, Straight Cord (Bose Part# 789812-3040)
  • Airbus 5-Pin XLR Connector, Straight Cord (Bose Part# 789812-3070)

Other Information

Part # 789812-3020, 789812-3040, 789812-3070
UPC 017817770866
Manufacturer Bose
Hearing Protection Active Noise Reduction
Stereo/Mono Stereo/Mono
TSO Approved? Yes
Warranty 3 Years
Size Adult

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Hong Kong
Occupation / Rating:
Pilot / Captain
Bose ProFlight is a must
  • Currently flying an A320 in Asia and Often at low flight levels due airspace restrictions in China hence in a very noisy and busy environment.
    Regularly my cockpit reaches more than 90db...

    The Bose ProFlight has been the perfect tool ever since I’ve been using it.
    I love its light weight and its very efficient noise canceling modes.
  • Pros: Light weight, noise canceling modes, comfort.
  • Cons: Folding in its box is tedious
Occupation / Rating:
A320 Captain
Good for commercial flying
  • I have been using Bose proflight for some flights now on Airbus 320. It is really very comfortable as compared to standard headsets. Its fits well in flight bag without eating up much space. I didn't have any problem with the fitting of headset band, however you have to find your peace with the wire. After first few flights, I was quite used to the wire. The only thing that really tick me off was after paying almost $1000 for a headset I expect best quality from bose but the buttons on the remote module (bluetooth and ANC) seems of very cheap quality. But the comfort and utility makes me overlook that fact. High and Med ANC is quite good but low ANC is useless. Bluetooth in call quality is good but music quality is quite flat and lacks bass. Overall it serves the purpose of headsets for professional pilots with lightweight, good ANC.
  • Pros: Light weight, good ANC, comfortable, easy to use.
  • Cons: Buttons quality, bulky wire( can become used to), useless low ANC.
Occupation / Rating:
B777 Pilot
Almost Perfect
  • When I first saw images and review videos of these new Bose headsets on YouTube I had initial impressions that the ANR would be great but the headset overall would be flimsy and wouldn't hang on to my head as well as perhaps my old Clarity aloft pro.

    I was correct.

    I took these headsets on a 2 week trip to get a fair review.

    ANR: surprisingly quiet. I can actually hear my voice when I am just speaking casually in the cockpit (our airplanes dont have hot mics) Even with in ear earphones they really cancel out a lot of sound.
    If you set the ANR to max, its difficult to hear the other pilot talking to you, I think in a 777 the mid setting would do better.
    Also these headsets have white noise, the mid settings actually seem quieter overall than using the MAX setting.

    Fit & Feel: I wasn't disappointed with the construction of the headset only because I never had high expectations for them to begin with. (to be fair, I was Clarity aloft Pro owner before, and those things clamp on and don't come off)
    Getting the Bose headsets out of the case, set up and placed on your head takes some getting use to. I never found myself saying "wow that was easy"

    I will update my reviews over time with new thought and impressions.

    FIT & FEEL: more to be desired. Perhaps next time use metal.
    Tap through functions has way too much static.

  • Pros: impressive ANR
  • Cons: flimsy fit, talk thru tapping function has too much static.
San Diego
Occupation / Rating:
Professional Pilot (CL30, HS125, CE525S)
I tried hard to like them
  • For background, I fly Challengers, Hawkers, and CJs.

    I really wanted to like this. I tried to like it. I don’t.

    The good stuff:

    1. The sound quality for radios and Bluetooth is good. Not quite as good as A20, but good.

    2. It is light weight

    Now, the stuff I couldn’t like, no matter how hard I tried.

    1. The headband still has strong clamping force and hurt my head after an hour or two. In spite of the force it would shift around due to the heavy cable.

    2. The cable comes out awkwardly from the microphone. No matter where or how I tried to clip it, any movement caused the stiff cable to shift the headset on my head. When it shifted, the stiff cables on the earbuds would cause them to pull partially out of my ears.

    3. The earbuds fit ok. None of the three sizes created a strong enough fit to keep them in my ears when the headset shifted.

    Overall, this would be a good $500 headset for people who didn’t want to spend the $1000 on an A20.

    I will go back to my A20s and toss these in my Comanche for use there.
  • Pros: Light
  • Cons: Awkward to wear, stiff cables and configuration hinder usability
Occupation / Rating:
Captain 737NG
Always “messing” with it
  • Big airline 737 guy here. I bought it thinking it would be an improvement on another simpler, DC noise reduction headset but after two four day trips, I am pulling my DC out of the closet. I found that I was always adjusting the headset as it slipped forward or aft on my head. I also found that the ear tips made my ears a little tender after several hours (changed to the small fitting ones). The noise reduction is good and the headset works but it’s not a headset you can just place on your head and forget about it. On the other hand, if you don’t have hot mic you can remove one of the ear pieces to listen to the other pilot.
  • Pros: Actual noise reduction.Transimission of boom mic.
  • Cons: Awkward fitting.Ear piece fitting will make your ears tender after several hours.
Occupation / Rating:
Pilot, Airbus A350-900
Great Product With Some Reservationsw
  • I have the A20 and switched to the ProFlight as the earbud design, light weight and smaller form factor appeal to me. I have not been disappointed. Its comfortable and works to the typical high Bose quality, comparable to the A20. I found the noise cancelling on "Low" doesn't really work well. Too much background static. Same for the Talk Thru Tap function. Not sure if its a hardware issue or if Bose could fix it with a software patch. Bluetooth works well.
  • Pros: Light, excellend ANR, comfortable to be worn throughout.
  • Cons: Talk Thru Tap function needs improvement. Too much background static.
Occupation / Rating:
Airline Pilot/717 Captain
Great so far!!
  • I've had the ProFlight for a couple of weeks now and have had the chance to fly a couple of 3-day trips with it for a total of 12 flights. The flights have ranged in duration from around :45 to 2:30. The very first day flying with it, I thought I was might have to send it back because my left ear was getting a hotspot and the ANR in that ear would switch back and forth from high to low with much movement. After some troubleshooting , I discovered that the cord and the mike boom were both coming into contact with the earbud on the left side, creating the pressure for the hot spot and activating the tap through feature of the left earbud from time to time. On day 2 I adjusted the headband more forward on my head to ensure the mic boom and cord didn't contact the earbud and man what a difference! Since then, I couldn't be happier. The ProFlight is extremely lightweight (a big reason I bought it in the first place) and very comfortable. I'm very happy with the level of ANR it provides. I fly the Boeing 717,4 and we do not utilize a hot mic intercom system. I have been able to hear my First Officer speaking with the ANR on high most of the time, but have found the tap through option to be great during certain phases of flight. It is also very easy to pull my right earbud out and stow it on the headband which I occasionally did while taxiing on the ground. My previous headset was a Telex 850 I'd had for 14 years. The ProFlight is more comfortable and the ANR is noticeably better. Although I do have to deal with batteries now, the Bose carrying case has a convenient pouch for carrying spares. I am very happy I made the purchase!
  • Pros: Lightweight, Comfortable, Adjustable ANR, "Tap Through" feature, Audio quality
  • Cons: Batteries
Initial Impressions
  • I think Bose has done a good job designing a lightweight headset packed with a lot of function. In terms of long-time wearing comfort, I would say it’s probably the best in the game. Especially for pilots since we wear glasses and sunglasses all the time. The new design greatly reduces fatigue and pain associated with ear cup style headsets. Combined with good sound quality and top-notch noise cancelling, I would say it’s a great product to try out. It might take a few hours to get used to (since it’s so light, I kinda felt unsecured ‘cause I thought I wasn’t wearing headsets),but after that the experience had been great.

    But does this justify the extremely high price? Most active noise cancelling headsets are very pricey. So I try to convince myself that I’m paying the extra money for comfort. Hope this review helps.
  • Pros: -Extremely light, thus greatly reduces the pressure exerted on top of head.-Side clamping force is also very light and comfort
  • Cons: -For pilots that needs to change between left and right seats constantly, shifting the microphone from side to side requires rem
Occupation / Rating:
Airline Captain, A320 family
A320 pilot
  • Most comfortable over the head set I've tried. I still don't quite forget it's there and feel like taking it off after an hour or two. Noise cancelling on high setting is very good, low setting isn't enough. I really like the double tap feature to turn off one side to hear non radio/ non intercom conversation. Side tone is good. Other pilots say they hear me good on interphone. Radio checks with ATC are good. Sometimes on TO & landings the ANC cuts in and out like I was tapping on the earpieces. I need to ask tech support about that. The case takes up more room than I'd hoped because the earpieces don't swivel flat for storage, but it provides good protection for a headset that might be more breakable than average. Good results on limited Bluetooth testing I've done Overall, best headset I've seen or tried. Not perfect, but I'd give it four and a half stars and I plan on keeping the headset.
  • Pros: Noise cancelling, very light weight, in ear buds, comfort, mic quality, Bluetooth, beefy cord and connections, 2 AA batteries.
  • Cons: Possibly a little fragile, fairly large case, expensive

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