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Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth

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Bose A20 Aviation Headset with Bluetooth
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Product Description

The Bose A20 Aviation Headset is the most technologically advanced Bose headset ever.

Marv offers FREE 2-Day Shipping in the U.S., Free Global Shipping everywhere else we ship!

There is a NEW CFI Program! See details below!

Bose has updated the Bose A20 Aviation Headset. Updated Features Include:

  • Enhanced Bluetooth® Connectivity - Wireless streaming audio capability (stereo music)
  • Auto-On for aircraft powered (LEMO / XLR / Fischer) variants
  • Auto-Off improvements
  • Enhanced and expanded prioritization control
  • Improved Microphone
  • “Persistence” - headset remembers last state of operation
  • Improved markings and easier use

Bose was the first to introduce active noise reducing headsets to aviation more than 25 years ago, forever changing the way pilots fly. Now, the Bose A20 Aviation Headset introduces an entirely new standard.

The Bose A20 Headset has been engineered for significantly increased noise reduction in even louder environments. With an improved degree of comfort you’ll appreciate. All without compromising the clear audio you expect from Bose. Plus, it has a Bluetooth communications interface, auxiliary audio input and priority switching. It meets or exceeds all TSO requirements. No other headset can deliver this advanced combination of benefits.

Even the Battery Box has been redesigned for greater comfort and control!

Key Benefits and Technology:

  • Significantly greater noise reduction for pilots than currently available.
  • Improved level of comfort achieved through choice of materials, distribution of weight throughout the headset
  • 1/3 less clamping force than most conventional noise reducing aviation headsets, and additional room for the ears.
  • Clear audio for enhanced communications.
  • Bluetooth communications interface, now available from Bose for the first time!
  • Auxiliary audio input, also included by Bose for the first time!
  • Priority switching so pilots can decide which audio source they want to hear.
  • At least 40 hours of typical headset use from just two AA alkaline batteries.
  • Certified to FAA TSO-C139 and EASA ETSO-C139
  • All this, and these headsets still weigh only 12 ounces.
  • 5-Year Warranty

What’s included:

  • Bose A20 Aviation Headset
  • Deluxe Carry Case
  • 3.5 mm AUX audio cable
  • 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • 1 Clothing clip

Bose A20 Bluetooth Headset Models:

  • G.A. Twin Plugs, Straight Cord (Bose Part# 324843-3020)
  • Panel Powered (6-Pin LEMO) Connector, Straight Cord (Bose Part# 324843-3040)
  • Panel Powered (6-Pin LEMO) Connector, Coiled Cord (Bose Part# 324843-T040)
  • Helicopter (U-174/U) Plug, Straight Cord (Bose Part# 324843-3030)
  • Helicopter (U-174/U) Plug, Coiled Cord (Bose Part# 324843-T030)
  • Airbus 5-Pin XLR Connector, Straight Cord (Bose Part# 324843-3070)
  • Agusta Helicopter 8-Pin Fischer Connector, Straight Cord (Bose Part# 324843-3050) (NOT YET AVAILABLE)
  • Agusta Helicopter 8-Pin Fischer Connector, Coiled Cord (Bose Part# 324843-T050) (NOT YET AVAILABLE)
  • Robinson Helicopter Panel (6-Pin LEMO) Plug, Straight Cord (Bose Part# 324843-J040)

There is now a NEW Bose CFI Rebate Program!

 You can qualify for a $125.00 Rebate from Bose if you purchase a Bose A20 Headset with Bluetooth:

  1. You must be a CFI and send a copy of your CFI Certificate and a copy of your most current logbook page,
  2. You must send a copy of your sales receipt to Bose within 45 days of purchase,
  3. Process your request on a special Bose Website. This site can be accessed by Clicking This Link

Limit of two rebates per CFI, valid in USA only. 

Other Information

Part # 324843-3020, 324843-3040, 324843-T040, 324843-T030, 324843-3030, 324843-0010 + 324843-3070, 324843-J040
UPC 017817538558
Manufacturer Bose
Hearing Protection Active Noise Reduction
Stereo/Mono Stereo/Mono
TSO Approved? Yes
Warranty 5 Years
Size Adult

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South Africa
Occupation / Rating:
  • Dear Team
    I have ordered from MGD several times in the past.
    Living in South Africa and not having a trusted postal service is a chalenge. Fortunately I had a friend visiting and took the opportunaty to have such an expensive piece of equipment brought over by hand.
    MGD is my favourite but not sure what I will do in future regarding deliveries to South africa ?? Overall ----Marv golden is tops !! Have not tested the headset yet.
  • Pros: Delivery --distance
  • Cons: Good service from MGD
  • Overall great service from these guy even got a promo gift from BOSE for buying it with them would definitely recommend buying from here. All the items on line have very good picture description of what I was looking for.
Southern California
Bose Aviation Headset
  • I have purchased several headsets over the last few years. I currently own Lightspeed Zulu2 and David Clark. I purchased the Bose A20 for the copilot side after purchasing the BoseA20 for myself. I know that headsets are so personal; however, my experience with both the Zulu2 and the A20 is a comparison in the same aircraft using both headsets many hours. The Bose A20 is superior in the following ways: frequency response (especially if you listen to music), quality of the microphone (very clear and crisp); and, the ability to adapt the headset to your environment...i.e. switch the mic from the left side to the right side to accommodate the copilot plugs. The other major consideration of the Bose: I use the LEMO panel plug for ship's power. Bose has a control module which allows you to use batteries if you wish. This comes in handy if you want to use the panel mount in another aircraft which does not have a panel (LEMO) plug...the adapter from LEMO to twin plug is not very expensive. Contrary: the Zulu2 does not have a provision for batteries--you have to buy an expensive adapter and use a 9V battery which lasts about 4 hrs. The other consideration: if in the future Bose upgrades a feature (such as auto on and off/a better microphone...which they just did) you do not need to buy another headset...just buy a new control module. With the Lightspeed when upgrading from the Zulu1 to the Zulu2 I had to trade in the headset, lose money, and move to the next headset. The A20 is more expensive than any other headset. It is worth it for the features and future upgrades. Customer support is will always get a real human to answer any of your questions.
  • Pros: Adaptability, comfort,music quality, microphone quality
Outstanding Customer Service
  • I ordered the Bose A20 aviation headset as a gift for my pilot-in-training husband from Marv Golden. I was a bit unsure about the specifics of the order (which headphone connection he needed), but a quick call to the company (which was answered by a LIVE human being not an automated routing panel) resulted in a recommendation for the correct product based on the plane he flies.

    Unfortunately, there was a problem with delivery, outside the company’s control. Marv Golden’s employees fixed the problem very quickly and kept me up to date on the order status with personal follow-up calls and emails. I appreciate this quality customer service. It was nice to be treated like a face-to-face customer instead of just an anonymous internet shopper. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to purchase aviation supplies and gear!
  • Pros: Outstanding customer service, quality products
  • Cons: None
Southern California
Occupation / Rating:
Private Pilot
"All New" Bose A20 Headset
  • I just purchased this headset after reading several reviews on Bose and other brands of aviation headsets. I decided to go with the newly released Bose A20 with Bluetooth, and Streaming Music capability. All I can say is ... WOW! I am impressed! Amazing sound and clarity with phone calls and music, top notch comfort, and the noise cancelation is amazing. The new controls are easier to see, use, and interpret than the previous model. I can now use voice commands to make a call and play music from my iPhone. No need to even take my phone out of my flight bag! All in all, a fantastic aviation headset! Bose quality all the way! Highly recommended. I will be a lifetime Bose customer.
  • Pros: Everything about it!
  • Cons: Price! But it really is worth it.
Even Better than Before
  • I had a Bose X headset and I didn't think they could improve it this much. It is truly the best headset I've ever used. Incredible comfort and quiet.
Occupation / Rating:
Great Headset
  • Amazing Headset. Love the redesign and the streaming Bluetooth.
  • Pros: Amazing Quality
  • Cons: none
Great sound quality
  • I like everything about the Bose except the Blue Tooth function. The Cell phone function of the blue tooth works great for communicating while on deck but falls short in it's ability to play music from my IPAD or IPHONE while flying. The DC Pro-X has this capability and even cancels all the music when ATC communications are present. Bose could also benefit from a washable ear-peace cover for us who fly in hot environments.
Something that works better than you thought it would.
  • Great headset! So quiet, I had a hard time knowing engine speed without looking at the tachometer....even upside down! Better than expected.
  • Best headset I have ever used, I will never buy anything other than Bose ever again.

Showing Reviews 11 - 20

Great in the Airbus flight deck.
  • Noise-reduction is great, not perfect, but does block out a substantial amount of background noise. Headset is very comfortable, and bluetooth phone connection works a treat. Does go through batteries fairly quickly, but would still definitely recommend!
Top quality
  • Ticks all the boxes as far as comfort and quality of sound is concerned. My first active noise cancelling headphones, will never look back, A worthwhile investment!
    I have not tried the BT functionality yet but will do very soon and update the review
excellent product
  • Using this heas seat on both Single engine Piston aircraft and single turbine Pilatus PC 6.
    The decrease of the noise level is significant and you are tiredless at the end of the day :-)
Excellent Headset
  • I am flying long distances in Europe on a DA42 and was looking for a comfortable and quiet new headset. Even without the noise cancellation the Bose A20 is already quiet, but with the active noise cancellation switched on it is really amazing.
nice headsets
  • it works!helps a lot flying turboprops everyday:)
Great headset but beware of Bluetooth limitations.
  • I did not realize until after I bought the unit that the Bluetooth ONLY works with telephone calls. I use the telephone for say 2 minutes per trip for IFR clearance. Then I want to hear music over long cross country trips. Bose, the world famous in MUSIC, does not allow music access via Bluetooth but only via a cable. Other makers such as DC , ZULU ETC allow telephone and music via their Bluetooth . Shame on you Bose. Maybe a free software or firmware upgrade could resolve this issue.
Super Quiet
  • I just used the the A20 on a flight for about 2.5 hours in a 172SP. Wow, really quiet. I have not used the BT feature yet so I cannot describe clarity etc. The headset itself is the most quiet headset I have ever worn. No hot spots on the top of my head, very lightweight. The sound literally melts away once the ANR is activated
The Best
  • The A20 are light little pressure on head, Quiet and the Bluetooth works great.
    Need I say More,
  • Perfect headsets i have ever seen...
Best Headset Ever!!!!!
  • Just flew with the A20 this past weekend, I had been using an older Telex 30 XT. The A20 is lighter and more comfortable and has much better noise suppression. Very light and audio transmissions were clear as a bell. Haven't used the Bluetooth yet but I am sure it will be amazing too.

Showing Reviews 21 - 26

Best Ever
  • Just flew with this headset for the first time, it is incredible, believe it or not, it is worth the money. Transmissions are very very clear, hearing protection is off the charts, very comfortable.....
Worth The Money
  • Just picked up an A20 from Marv's. I have a Bose X that I have been using for 10 years, I must say, the A20 is way better than the X and I did not think that was possible. Super quiet and more comfortable than the older x version. Needless to say, my wife will be wearing the X from now on.
By far the best noise canceling headset I've ever used, bluetooth also great
  • I just upgraded from the David Clark H20-10X (also with electronic active noise cancellation) and though I always thought the David Clarks were fine - the improvement was unbelievable when I put the Bose on. Much, much, better noise cancellation, comfort, and sound quality. Also, I made a couple cell phone calls using the Bose A20 bluetooth connection to my iphone while on the ground during Runnup. I called two different people and both said they had never heard me clearer - and this is amazing, but, neither one could tell I was in an airplane even though the engine was roaring in the background. Simply amazing. I strongly recommend this headset despite its higher cost!
Headset BOSE A20 with Bluetooth
  • first of glanced, look at the price is amazing HIGH but since i'm budgeted for quite sometimes, then i buy.

    when product came to me, i directly try at my plane and the result is fantastic CLEAR voice and most of my propeller sounds i cant hear ... as said in the paper if we should noted for any others alert in the cockpit after use this headset and it is TRUE ... you hear nothing so as a pilot the SA (situation awareness) must increase after using this headset.

    this is the coolest headset i ever had !!
Outstanding great ANR only should have a coiled cord.
  • This is the best headset by far. the only fault is that it should have had a coiled cord.
Best Ever
  • This is simply the best headset I have ever used. The comfort and quiet are better than their old model. I can wear these for hours and not feel fatigued or uncomfortable.
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