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APR E6-B2WHL Pilot Flight Computer

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List Price: $49.95
Marv's Price: $42.95
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Product Description

The Aero Products Research APR E6-B2WHL Pilot Flight Computer Pilot is a Wind Triangle & T/S/D Navigation Computer that features the new and exclusive Wind Speed Cursor Arm. This arm quickly shows ground speed, wind correction angle, and heading, thereby eliminating two set-ups and the need to mark a dot on the plastic disc.

In addition to color-coded conversion scales printed on the computer, the E6-B2WHL shows fuel consumption solutions, density altitude factors, conversions for true airspeed & altitude, mach number, kilometers, minutes to seconds, statute to nautical to statute miles, off-course and drift corrections, and slide-rule mathematics.

The E6-B2WHL calculates all necessary flight planning and en route navigation requirements. Color-coded sawtooth scales on the wind cursor are user-friendly and allow for quick, accurate reading.

The Time/Speed/Distance computer provides all major navigation computations.

The Double Wind Speed Cursor Arm makes solving wind problems a breeze. Simply set your true course, rotate cursor arm to wind direction, and read your wind correction angle and groundspeed. Instructions for Windspeed Cursor set-up are printed on the computer slide.

The low wind speed slide (40 to 270 knots or miles) features instructions to solve for WCA, groundspeed, and headings. The high speed (100 to 820 knots or miles) shows a headwind and crosswind component grid that depicts the relative wind angle in a graphic for accurate and easy interpretation. Nautical and Statute scales for Sectional and WAC Charts are printed on the sides of the slide.

MEETS FAA AC 60-8 REQUIREMENTS. Custom case. Anodized aluminum.

Dimensions:4 7/8" x 9 5/8"


  • Complete Instruction Manual includes BONUS Section on Dead Reckoning and Wind Effect Theory Calculations
  • Miles and Gallons Scale (Distance)
  • Off-course & Drift Corrections
  • Minutes & Hours Scale (Time)
  • Mach Number Index Window
  • Slide-Rule Mathematics
  • Wind Component Grid
  • Color-Coded Conversion Scales
  • Microset Alignment
  • Wind Slide Lock
  • Flush T/S/D Dial
  • Altitude Correction
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Density Altitude Factors


  • Minutes to Seconds
  • True Airspeed
  • True Altitude
  • Temperature
  • Kilometers
  • Statute to Nautical to Statute Miles

Additional Information

Model # E6-B2WHL
Manufacturer Aero Products Research

Customer Reviews

Great service from MarvGolden, and a lot of headache for a good E6B. Review by Kevin All my reviews  (2)
Let me start off by saying MarvGolden is a "OUTSTANDING" company.
My long "self inflicted" ordeal with getting the APR E6B during the Christmas season ended up being a good 2 weeks of receiving 2 (upon my request) more replacment from MG before I realized my mistake and my package was just delayed in transit with the US postal service. My writing "self inflictied" is to explain that whole mailing headache was self induced and the only thing relieving my stress was Dan's (employee at MarvGolden) great, professionalism, and customer service. When you call MG, a person actually picks up the phone. I personally feel this is a quality that is vanishing from modern day companies. MG does it right, they keep it old school.

AS for the APR E6B. If I could rate the APR out of 100, I would give it a 95/100.
Normally I would make a list of PRO's and CON'S but everything on this E6B is great or as good as any other good E6B that you have used in the past; ASA or Jepp. The attached wind ruler on the back is a cool touch. The ruler itself is attached well to the center and it doesn't rattle at all. The only suggestion that I would give to APR is the wind scale color markings on the back face. The color markings are not transparent and it blocks enough of the wind grid table underneath the face (particularly the grommet area) to makes you look twice to see if you alligned the numbers correctly.

Over all this E6B is great I would recommend it to any pilot.
Also, I recommend MG to any and all pilot.

Thanks Dan.

(Posted on 2/3/14)
A product with an interesting twist Review by Cloudy
This product incorporates a simple thing that, for some reason, is not part of the traditional E6B: a rotating speed indicator in the wind calculator. Using it, no longer one needs to rotate the wind indicator twice with a pencil mark: you simply use the wind indicator for the true course, and the new small rotating scale for the wind (full instructions enclosed with the product): much easier.

The product is of a very good quality, but not perfect (have never seen a really good E6B, say of the accuracy we find in common engineering pocket slide rules). Being an expensive product, I really expected better. For example, the circular wind scales, which whould coincide, do not by a significant error that in the corners totals abou 1mm or 1 degree. Although this is fully within the tolerance of the calculation, it is a pity. This and other minor finish details are the reasons why I do not give 5 stars to the product.
(Posted on 1/30/14)
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